The Decision of a Franchise: Daniel Jones vs Dwayne Haskins

Let’s flashback to the NFL draft 2019. It was a nightmare for Giants fans across the world. While Redskins fans were elated. The New York Giants with the 6th overall pick in the draft selected quarterback from Duke Daniel Jones.

In his time at Duke, he performed well, throwing 52 touchdowns to 29 interceptions. However, many thought Daniel Jones would be a day 2 guy. With New York having two first-rounders it really was a questionable pick.

While on the other side of things the Washington Redskins would go on to select THE Ohio State quarterback, Dwayne Haskins. Haskins was said to be the better quarterback in pretty much every aspect. In just one season at Ohio State Haskins was able to match Jones’s career total in touchdowns. Throwing 50 TD’s to just 8 interceptions.

Heading into the NFL season both would start on the bench but we knew that wouldn’t last long. After a fast fall from the Giants to 0-2 they would waste no time in putting Eli Manning on the bench. After a jaw-dropping performance in his first start, Daniel Jones would be nicknamed Danny dimes. Jones would lead the Giants to their first victory. Taking that momentum into week 4 and a matchup with Haskin’s team, the Redskins.

Once the game started Case Keenum was pulled for Haskins. Daniel Jones was able to get the job done and climb to 2-0 as the Giants starter. I do say it’s too early to tell but it looks to be much better than what was originally thought.

As for the Redskins, it’s a very small sample size in what is a mess of a franchise. Needing a new coach and really a team overhaul. Haskins did show some promise in making a couple of decent throws. He did give the ball up a couple of times but it’s almost like that was to be expected barring the situation.

With his college upside and the right rebuild I still think Haskins is the guy over Jones. However, Jones just so happens to be blessed with a much better landing spot. I’m intrigued as I’m sure you all are to see how this plays out over the years. It’s a bright future for both Giants and Redskins fans.

We just have to let the process formulate now as we’ll continue to see who is the better franchise guy in what should be not only a divisional rivalry but a personal one as well.