The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Two of the other Captain America’s

One of the first shows that Disney + will be adding to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. A lot of speculation has been brewing and it doesn’t help when you have been reading the Captain America comics for a long time. Both characters and all that have been announced have a lot of stories to tell in the world post-Captain America because both have carried the shield.

The Winter Soldier, or Bucky, was the original sidekick to Steve Rogers. In some versions he was just a friend who carried a camera, in the 616 universe version (The main Marvel comic universe), he was a costumed sidekick. In the 616 he died in the same incident that put Cap on ice. At least that is what we were led to believe for a long, long time.

However, he was resurrected and when Cap died at the end of the Civil War he was given the shield. His approach and desire to be Cap was nothing like how Steve Rogers handled the job. In fact most of the time he seemed to only want to do it to keep the memory of his friend alive. He promptly gave the shield back when Steve Rogers was brought back.

Before Buck Barnes got the shield Falcon had it first. When Cap was resurrected from the ice, he held the shield for a good bit. Then became disenchanted by the way the government runs, so he turned it over to Wilson. During that time Captain America went by the name Nomad. Nomad wore a similar outfit, different color scheme.

Sam Wilson was still no Steve Rogers. That is not an insult, he just handled the shield differently. He treated it like excalibur, something that he was not worthy of carrying. If his run as Captain America can be described it would be a giant case of imposter syndrome. When you feel that you are a fake and spend all your time trying to convince yourself and everyone else that you are not.

In both cases, Steve Rogers inevitably came back for the shield. Although his two closest friends did show their skill and honor carrying it, they reminded fans that the only person who is Captain America is Steve Rogers. That is not to say they will take the same approach in the show.

In fact, I argue it will be the opposite. I speculate that the show will be centered around Wilson showing the world that he is worthy of being the Captain.