‘The Gentlemen’ Review: Class Meets Crass

Given these tumultuous times, it’s getting easier and easier for someone to fall back on something that made them happy as a child or teenager. Guy Ritchie isn’t any different as his new film, The Gentlemen, returns us back to the days of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch in another London underworld ensemble caper. Today’s cast includes Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, and Colin Farrel in a film that’s so aggressively offensive with some of its terminology, even my lax approach on things that are politically incorrect could be considered “woke.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Guy could’ve made The Gentlemen in this decades political correctness, and it could’ve been better.

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Mathew McConaughey leads the cast as Mickey Pearson, a self-made American who built a marijuana empire across the pond and is looking to cash out for good. Billionaire Mathew Berger (Jeremy Strong) makes a $400 million offer on the heels of chaos as a Chinese mobster (Henry Golding), who goes by the moniker “Dry Eye, sends a crew of breakdancing thugs to raid one of Mickey’s plants, and an all-out war ensues. All of this goes down before the opening credits and we learn it from the private detective/aspiring screenwriter, Fletcher (Hugh Grant), who rundown everything he knows about Mickey’s right-hand man, Ray (Charlie Hunnam). He knows the ins and outs and is demanding $20 million to keep his mouth shut.

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All the actors in the film are dressed to the nines in what Ritchie believes is criminal sleaze. Flashy outfits, slicked-back hair, and eyewear that’s more of a statement than serves a purpose gives the film a unique feel to it.

Much like Knives Out, there are a lot of moving pieces so you need to pay close attention when watching the film. For those who are big fans of Ritchie’s 100 words per minute style of writing, this will be right up their ally. As for everyone else, this film will be hit or miss, and if you’re “woke” —well, I did warn you.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐✰✰