The Ghost In The Woods

 The Ghost In The Woods

It was the year 1850 in the Deep South. It was a cool dark moonlit night. In a spot out in a wooded area outside of Baton Rouge. In Louisiana, two brothers who were civil war deserters. Fleeing from a nearby battle were trying to find a hideout deep near the swamps.

Their names were Michael and Paul Lafleur. Their family was well established in the Parish.

The Lafleur brothers were Confederate Soldiers. They had stolen money from the Union Army. The confederacy was in intense warfare. But little did they know these two thieves, took off with union money. So the Lafleur brothers, thought they got away with it. Until they were overheard by a confederate soldier. Whose name was Riley Theroux a local. He confronted the fellow confederates and asked them if he could take the money or split it. But when they refused, he got mad. Riley shot at Michael killing him, and Paul drew a sword and stabbed Riley. But as Riley died he shot Paul in the process. All three men died that night. It was Oct 15, 1850. Locals ended up leaving their bodies in the woods and believed even the gators got the bodies. Nothing was ever reported on the case. It went cold and became a mystery. For those who did not know the truth. It grew for many to become a legendary tale.

Over the years, as time went by many strange occurrences began to happen, out in those woods. A lot of unexplained activity if you could imagine. Now the year was 2019 and that date Oct 15, was fast approaching. A group of students studying the paranormal were out at a Chicago community college. They were always looking for new places to investigate. Sure enough, they heard about that spot out in woods in Louisiana. The group was led by a young man. Whose name was Michael Finan and a young woman whose name was Rebecca Collins. These two headed up the investigative team. Some students did not believe the story, even after interviewing locals about it. Some of them even denied it. Michael runs into a fisherman whose name was David. He admitted he had heard the woods might be haunted. David said one night you could hear two men laughing. But when he went to find out, there was nobody there. He said he had chills and his heart skipped a beat.

The team feels from that testimony alone that something strange is going on, around these parts. Michael and Rebecca go visit the local library to see what they could find. They looked for any records of what happened, but nothing turned up. They could not get help from the town. Nobody wanted anything to do with it.  So as the sun begins to set they decide to camp out by that wooded area. When the moon comes out and the stars are in the sky the clouds roll by and it gets dark. They hear all kinds of noises, but they are from the local farm animals. Nothing more, no surprises lurking. The students have their flashlights and tents. They must be on the watch for alligators and snakes. Dangers of the swamp, the wetlands. But when it gets quiet, and nothing is going on they get tired and call it a night.

This team of investigators starts to doubt if this place is haunted. Without any clues and nothing showing up on their sound equipment. This mission seems failed and doomed from the start. Michael and Rebecca wonder if it’s time to head back to Chicago. They decide to go back to town to talk to local sheriff Mike Dalton. He was forthcoming. He said he always heard the story about the Lafleur brothers and Riley Theroux growing up. But thought it was used to scare kids, more than anything. He also let Michael and Rebecca know, that they would not find anything. As records were burned up during the Civil War days. Even if one survived its lost now. He thinks the young students are wasting their time.

They left the station and went into a local diner. They spoke to a few more folks who began opening up about this story. A Lady came up to Michael and Rebecca and told them she saw the ghosts of the Lafleur brothers but not in the wooded area but in a house where they hid out. So this lady identified herself as a housekeeper named Scarlett. She said since it was going to be Oct 15th that’s the night they will come out. You, young people, need to spend the night at that house.

The House was called Bayou Manor. It looked like a creepy old house from the 1800s. The team of students drove to where they were staying. Two students named Vanessa and Charles decided to check up on Scarlett, so they used their GPS to help them get there. They were assigned by Michael to follow up on the information from Scarlett the housekeeper. When they arrived, the two knocked on the front door. When no one answered they went looking for Scarlett. The more they wandered in the woods, the more lost they became. They call Michael who is not answering. As they try to find their way back a stranger approaches them and offers them a ride. He knows the area, so Vanessa and Charles get in his truck. The closer they got, the trail got further away.

Charles asks the stranger where are we going. He does not answer them. They start to notice that something is wrong. They try to get out of the truck but the driver slams his brakes and tried to attack them. They manage to escape. Only to be caught in hunting traps. There is no way out and nowhere to go. This person does not reveal his name. He proceeds to kill Vanessa and Charles with a knife, stabbing then both and throws their bodies in the swamp.

He then flees the scene. The night was approaching this sleepy town of Dubois, Louisiana. It was A Saturday, Oct, 15th. Michael and Rebecca try to call their friends not knowing they have been murdered. They call sheriff Dalton. To file a missing person report. So he let them know he will get to the bottom of it. Michael told the sheriff where they went. The sheriff drives to this property near where Bayou Manor was. He comes on the scene, with flashlight and gun in hand. He and a couple of deputies search the premise for several yards. Sheriff Dalton stumbles on a trail. It leads him and his officers to an abandoned little house, a cabin where no one appears to be.

Sheriff  Dalton finds David the local fisherman. He asks him what he is doing here and about his whereabouts. David denies knowing or doing anything. He just fishes at these spots. Sheriff Dalton and his deputies ask David if he saw Charles and Vanessa, or if he did anything to those two students. David cries saying he does not know. To the suspicion of the local authorities. They decide to take David in. The Sheriff tells a couple of his deputies to take him in for questioning. They drive off to take him to the station, while they are driving down the road, their car explodes, killing all of them.

The Sheriff and his officers that stayed behind decide to come back tomorrow, to do more investigating the scene. As they come to that decision he is called and informed that something happened. He rushed back into town, to find one of the police cars exploded, he figured a car bomb was planted to kill those in the vehicle. He tried to call Michael and Rebecca to tell them not to go to Bayou Manor and to warn Ms. Scarlett as well. He could not get in touch with them. So in the meantime, he got the forensics team on the case of Charles and Vanessa, after discovering blood he would assume they were murdered. Scarlett let Michael and Rebecca know she was going to get to the house earlier. Michael and Rebecca were going to be there soon. When Scarlett got there, to the house the door was unlocked. When she walked in, it appeared someone or something was there. So she shut the door and looked around. She said “Hello.”

Nobody answered her. She went to the basement and nothing seemed wrong, she even looked in the other rooms. But when she went to the upstairs bathroom, Scarlett feared something was wrong. Water was running in the bathtub. When she walked in she discovered the dead bodies of Vanessa and Charles. The water was blood red, and she screamed running downstairs. She picked up the house phone only to realize the lines were cut. As she turned around a knife went through her stomach repeatedly. Scarlett became a victim of this mysterious individual. Was it supernatural?

Sheriff Dalton ended up getting ahold of Michael or so he thought, but Vanessa answered the phone. Dalton said where is Michael, Vanessa said Michael went to the house early to set up for tonight. I’m taking our team of students to the manor meeting him, and Scarlett there. The sheriff said to be careful and let him know we are trying to get to the bottom of that wooded area. Still no sight of your friends. We will let you all know, when we find something out. Rebecca said thanks and hung up. She and the group of ghost investigators set out and drove to the house where the activity was reported.

As they got to the Manor, Rebecca and the students were at the door, this time it was locked. Michael answered the door and let them in. He said we have everything set up and ready. The excitement the team had was through the roof. Rebecca asked where Scarlett was. Michael said he had not seen her. Rebecca told Michael that the sheriff tried to get a hold of him. That he still has not found Charles or Vanessa. Michael said that’s really odd. Still nothing, that concerns me. He said he informed the team we need to make sure the doors are locked. To make this fun,  two of the students say they’re wandering off. Rebecca says to be careful. They venture to the basement and find the body of Scarlett. As they head up the stairs the door slams shut. They run back down not knowing what to do. As they get back down a person with a hammer beats them both to death in a brutal fashion.

Now there are only 3 students left. Rebecca realizes it’s been a long time since the other two went missing. Michael says they will look for them in a little while. Michael calls for the three students to gather around.  He reveals there are no ghosts and that they have been lied to. Rebecca is shocked. She says what are we doing here. Michael reveals this house is worth money.

Vanessa can’t believe it. He tells Rebecca to take the students outside and to the wooded area. 

She obliges. Michael has a knife and a gun. He wants the remaining students to fight to the death. Vanessa says she won’t let it happen. But Michael reveals that if she does that, he will kill her. Back at The Sheriff station deputies are pulling up records in the database. Forensics found a match on the fingerprints of the cop car that exploded. They found the match.

Back in the woods. The students are terrified. Michael takes the knife and kills the students with no remorse.

Rebecca is terrified. Michael confessed he killed Scarlett, Vanessa, and Charles, and the others. He was afraid they would find out and know his secret.

He said my real name, is not Michael Finan. It’s Michael Lafleur, the great-great-grandson of the man who died here. He says, Rebecca, you’re next! Rebecca runs away screaming through the woods. It’s so far out in the country. No one can hear you. Sheriff Dalton and his officers drive to the location, knowing they been with a killer all along.

Rebecca continues to run as she runs she falls in a  ditch and appears to have been injured. Michael finds her, pulls his knife out and says it’s over Rebecca. No one is going to hear you scream. Rebecca finds a gun, that Michael had and they fight. As they are fighting Michael stabs Rebecca in the leg. She kicks him below the belt right before it happens and scratched his eyes. For a moment even with an injured leg, she can make it to a tree.

Michael gets up with the knife to go after her. Rebecca screams. As he goes to stab her the sheriff and his officers show up and tell him to drop the knife or he will shoot. Michael acts like he is going to drop it but lunges at Rebecca with the knife. The Sheriff and officers shoot at him several times and he falls in the swamp. He is dead. Dalton says to Rebecca it’s over and tells him, where the bodies are. Michael ended up being the ghost in the woods the whole time.

Rebecca ended up back in Chicago, where she finished her schooling. If you come in contact with her do not bring up the incident of October 15th in the woods.