The Hulks: Different Shapes, Colors and… Genders?

Everyone knows about Bruce Banner being the Hulk. The big green rage monster that destroys cities or at least can. His origin came as he was saving a kid from a test site nuclear bomb that was about to go off. He threw the kid into a safety ditch and he was caught in the explosions. That story has changed for the movies, but that is the comic version.

Like most comic heroes he has created several different heroes and villains, all because of his blood or something along those lines. The movie shows him creating the Abomination, which may return in a Dark Avengers movie, but it goes much further than that. It is worth talking about the other characters he created.

The first and one of the ones less talked about is Doc Samson. Originally a psychiatrist that helped Bruce take a form of control of his other-self. Their sessions did two things, one it created Mr. Fixit. A version of the Hulk that the first incarnate, he was able to talk and be controlled. He was also grey.

The second thing their sessions did was mutate Dr. Samson. Although he did not turn green, his hair did, he gained enhanced strength and durability. Nowhere near the level of the Hulk, but enough that he was able to have his own hero career. Making several appearances as a psychotherapist for heroes and villains.

Another more famous hero created by Bruce is She-Hulk. Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner and needed blood due to an accident. This caused her to change into She-Hulk. In some of the early versions gave her control over the ability, but in most of the incarnates of her she does not have the ability.

She is still nowhere as strong as her cousin or as durable, but she is powerful in her own right. For one, she can break the fourth wall in ways Deadpool dreams of. On more than one occasion ripping her way through advertisement to get to an enemy base. Compared to Deadpool she rarely ever talked to the reader, but she was able to do that. It was also a tradition for her to destroy her own comics banner whenever they would change it.

Although she is not given the attention that her cousin is given, we are waiting for a movie with her. She is a dedicated hero and lawyer. Did I forget to mention that? She is a highly skilled trial lawyer. Considered one of the tops in her field, even considering the prejudice that she gets because of her odd tan.

Staying with She-Hulk, it is worth mentioning for the Ultimates universe that She-Hulk is not Jennifer, but Bruce’s girlfriend Betty Ross. She appears in Wolverine vs the Hulk and seems to really enjoy the transformation. She was not able to overpower the Hulk but was able to stop his rampage that Wolverine started. Which he got ripped and half for, then thrown down a mountain.

Most recently there was a mysterious red version of the Hulk running around. He used guns and smoked a cigar. When he gets angry he didn’t get stronger but started to radiate more and more heat. This character uncreatively was called the Red Hulk. There was some speculation that somehow one of the different parts of the Hulk escaped and created a new monster.

After much speculation, it was revealed to be General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. The very man who had spent a lot of his military career hunting the Hulk. Not to mention the father of Bruce Banner’s girlfriend. This was sometime after he created his own “Suicide Squad”, using DC terms for it. They later went on under Norman Osborn to create the Dark Avengers. A group of villains posing as superheroes.

If a Red Hulk wasn’t enough, we later got a Red She-Hulk. She also remained a mystery. Her strength levels, her durability all being hidden behind her instead of using weapons. That character preferred to use large machine guns in a fight then a slug fight like most other Hulk variants. Like the other red variant, she did have the ‘gets angry radiates heat thing’ though.

After dragging out who this person was, while she played an evil mercenary. The comic finally decided to just answer the question. No, they didn’t make up another cousin or someone who somehow got Hulk’s blood or the Red Hulks. They just made Betty Ross into this violent Red She-Hulk.

Personally not a fan of this, as it changes the personality that they created for her all through the runs of the Hulk. Of a peaceful person who wanted to calm the Hulk. Now she is a mercenary psychopath who uses big guns. Something we have no idea how she learned how to do.

These are just some of the different heroes and villains created by the Hulk’s direct influence. Something about imitation is the greatest form of flattery.