The Impact of Sports on our Youth

The Impact of Sports on our Youth

Do you ever wonder what impact sports have on a child’s life? Children are either going to love sports or hate them. It really is that simple. There is generally not an in-between. Seeing first hand a young man or girl who has the desire and love of a sport is truly amazing. I have been blessed to see both the love and hate of a sport. I am a teacher at a preschool, that is my 9 to 5. I had a child who loved football. His favorite team is the Florida State Seminoles. He would make my day every time he wanted to talk about football. I have also seen children who don’t like sports. As a fan of sports myself your love of the game is an inspiration not only to yourself but others. I believe if you can teach a child something it should be something you’re passionate about.

Sports can teach our youth structure and discipline. It can also teach our children how to persevere in life. A love of a game or sports can be taught or instilled in a child if they choose to let you guide and teach them. As a teacher, I have been blessed to see how sports have an impact on a child’s life and how it can impact their future. The same young man who used to watch that FSU game, come to school, and then discuss the game with me and his love of the game is now playing basketball.

I am so blessed to work with children. Not only do I get to teach a child basic education but I also get to teach children life lessons and a tremendous love of sports. Of course, that’s if they are receptive and open to the education of sports.

As a child, I was instilled and shown the love of football and basketball. My stepfather showed me the love and fundamentals of basketball. My family showed me the love of football. I believe anyone who is willing to learn about sports could love them. Especially if that child is eager to learn new things.

Sports have a terrific impact on a child’s life it shows them valuable lessons and gives them an amazing structure. They really can change a child’s future in the blink of an eye. If your kid has the smallest inkling or will to learn sports do not waste any time. Teach them. It is a great bonding experience.