The Irishman on Netflix-Don’t Fall Asleep in Your Fazool

The Irishman on Netflix Review (2019)

This movie is long as hell!

So long I actually had to stop it 3/4 into it and watch the rest the next day. Now usually I’d be able to sit through a long film if the content was intriguing enough to draw me in. This particular film did not fit those criteria. While staying true to the memoirs upon which it was based, the movie serves the book accurately. Or at least I heard. The old saying is the movie is never as good as the book and based on what I watched the book must have REALLY sucked. It seems that an audience of a certain generation might be able to relate, therefore enjoy it more than a younger crowd. Besides the violence and the soundtrack, there is a minimal amount of substance that keeps me engaged or on the edge of my seat.

Watching Al Pacino (Jimmy Hoffa), Joe Pesci (Russell Bufalino), & Robert DeNiro (Frank Sheeran) get the ole band back together with Scorsese adds a nice sentimental touch that might resonate with nostalgics. While this type of movie should have made me want to bust out an old bottle of 50-year-old Barolo and dunk a fresh piece of Focaccia into a bowl of love, instead it personally, allowed me to envision what it might be like watching The Rolling Stones perform Live…….20 years from now. If you want the CliffsNotes version, watch the 1st half hour and the last hour, and in between add the 1st half of the 3rd quarter of the middle and you MIGHT not fall asleep into a bowl of Fazool.

In closing, your honor:

There’s really not much to say.
The Irishman is a friggin waste of time.
Like many a Martin Scorsese flick, there’s good music and lots of killing.
I personally would have a better time on my hardwood floor, drinking grape juice and eating stale french bread, watching Rocky VII.

Unfortunately, the classic soundtrack of the era couldn’t save Scorsese’s ass on this one. The film DOES have it’s moments but delivers solid disappointing performances from a group of lead actors past their prime.
It was like watching Julia Child on TV try to bake a souffle. When she was 90.

Gun to my head, I give THE IRISHMAN 2 outta 5 Clovers (if I’m being generous).