The Itsy Bitsy Spider came back to Mickey Mouse

Just like in a casino where the house always wins. In entertainment, the mouse always wins. Spiderman is back in the MCU and as far as we can tell the small disruption will not cause any major rewrites or reshoots. The displays of ‘aggression’ between the two studios were mostly in the public and resulted in almost no change.

For those who have been living in Space Mountain, a couple of weeks ago Sony decided that they were not going to allow Spiderman to stay in the MCU. Sony has the rights to the Spiderverse and Disney had been ‘leasing’ the rights to him. Giving something like 30% of profits to Sony on any movie that Disney made with him in it. Not sure how movies like Endgame were affected by this deal.

Disney assumed most of the responsibilities, however, they had the power to do so. Right now Disney has a near-monopoly on most intellectual properties that have been best sellers. Not a statement on their abilities to produce, just their ability to buy out other studios. (Examples being Star Wars and most Marvel content).

So the moral of the story is that we get our favorite web slinger in the same universe that we have his history with Iron Man. With him being a pseudo Avenger and (Spoilers) him already being outed as Spiderman to the public, by Mysterio.

TLDR; the Webhead is back.