The Joker: The Final Laugh

The final trailer for the Joker movie has been released. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend doing so before continuing to read this. Even if somehow the movie flops, the trailers are amazing. Giving us little snips of a world that has piqued our curiosity.

The one thing the trailers remind you is, there is no Batman. This movie is not about the Killing Joke or anything like that. However, it is very clear that the scriptwriters have read that comic. Certain elements of his suggested comic book origin are drawn from. I say suggested because no one is sure, not even himself, on what his past really is.

    “If I have to have a past, then I prefer it to be multiple choice.”

Joker; Killing Joke

The definitive and only thing close to a real answer is in the comic, the Killing Joke. There is also an animated movie with Joker being voiced by Mark Hamill that plays true to the comic. Both are extremely good and show you hints of the past that may be true for the comic book version of the Joker.

Cliff notes version is summed up in one line:

All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.

Slightly longer cliff notes are that he was a failing comedian and a chemical engineer at Ace Chemicals. Once he was fired from ACE he was convinced to help commit a crime with a group of criminals. He would be ‘protected’ because he got to wear the Red Hood mask. In reality, he was their scapegoat.

Just before the crime, his pregnant wife dies giving birth. The child dies as well and with that is the reason he wanted to do the crime. Now forced to do it and with the loss of the one person he cared about, his mind already starts to struggle with what is going on. The whole thing culminates with Batman trying to stop the ‘Red Hood’ gang leader.

The man later known as the Joker tries to surrender and take off the mask. He ends up tripping over the cape and falling into the chemicals. The end results being him his now bleached skin and his mind shattered. This gives birth to the Joker that we all love/fear.

This movie is supposed to be taking its own route. Not making him a hero, but a sympathetic villain. Almost a Joker story without the Batman. Which the Bats is not supposed to appear.

In the trailer we see him having his bad days. We see someone in the hospital, possibly his mom judging from the dialogue. It looks like she is dying from cancer. We see his failing status as a comedian as a famous one is mocking his attempts to be funny. We even have him talking to a psychiatrist talking about all he has is bad thoughts.

The interesting addition is that we may have a prototype Harley Quinn. Didn’t catch the name of the person, but it appears that he does attract the attention of one of the psychiatrists. The actress doesn’t have the normal look of Harley, but it could be a creative license on that.

This movie is going to be one to see. I advise that if you are like me and a huge comic book fan see it twice. One with your comic book view on and one without. The writers and directors clearly are trying to break away from expectations.