The Lighthouse Spoiler Free Review

The Lighthouse Spoiler Free Review

I just walked out of the movie The Lighthouse and I’m not sure where I stand. The movie creates a sense of dread from the opening shot. The music purposefully makes you feel uncomfortable with a sense of claustrophobia. The camera is always so close. The blaring noise of the lighthouse siren every minute would drive anyone to the brink of insanity. I couldn’t even imagine if this movie was filmed in color, as the black and white was superb. The sound of the wind, the sounds of the creaky house, the birds tapping against the window, and the suspense constantly growing to drive the audience and protagonists mad.

The Lighthouse by Robert Eggers (The Witch) is a film about two lighthouse keepers in the 1890s trying to stay sane. Willem Dafoe is the senior lighthouse attendant. Originally I didn’t like Dafoe’s accent. It was too stereotypical of an old sea captain but it grew on me throughout the film. Robert Pattinson is the new lighthouse keeper who is replacing the last lighthouse keeper, that was said to go insane. The film with its modest budget of 4 million only had two actors throughout and their acting is all you need. Willem Dafoe has an amazing one-shot monologue that will make your bones chill.

The ending is what left me distraught. I have looked up articles explaining it, but I am not satisfied. I don’t think this is a film that needs to be seen in the theater but it is definitely worth a watch. After you see it you will be left with a lot of questions. What’s real? Did that happen? Etc.

In all the talk of The Joker being about mental health issues…why isn’t anyone talking about this film.

If you want to see what crazy looks like go see this movie. If you like it, then check out his other movie The Witch.