The Lowdown On Smackdown: 08/06/19

Smackdown would kick-off with Charlotte Flair coming down to the ring to cut a promo on Trish Stratus, mocking her for choosing to start a family instead of spearheading the Women’s Evolution, and in doing so, ignoring the nine-year gray spot that was the Divas Era. She would then invite people to see a video package highlighting all of her accomplishments, but it would turn into a showcase for Trish Stratus.

Stratus would then come down to the ring and remind Charlotte why she was even there, and why she was given all these history-making matches. She also told Charlotte that she was right. She wanted one more match; she wanted to be under the ring’s lights one more time. The two would trade final barbs before Stratus would slap Flair, but Flair would smile and walk away.

This is an interesting take with Charlotte Flair and not a bad way to start the program seeing as how, according to Pro Wrestling Sheets, Vince McMahon was rewriting the whole show on the fly. The problem here is that Flair has fallen from the spotlight a bit and hasn’t been utilized since she beat Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Women’s Title, and then lost it immediately to Bayley. Even if she wins at Summerslam, I don’t see Flair picking up any kind of momentum until, realistically, after Survivor Series.

After a video package recapping what happened with Dolph Ziggler last night on Raw, Ziggler would come down to the ring to Goldberg’s entrance to face off against (for some reason) Rey Mysterio. While on his way down to the ring, Ziggler would blindside Mysterio outside of the ring and deliver two superkicks.

For whatever reason, because the damage had already been done, Ali would come sprinting down to the ring, as if he were charging into a fight, only to stop feet short to check up on Mysterio. He would then challenge Ziggler for a match.

The match would start off strong with Ali going after Ziggler with his speed and agility, but it’s thanks to his ring awareness and experience that Ziggler would get the upper hand on Ali. Sure, Ali would get a few shots in, but he would eventually lose to Ziggler after receiving the Sweet Chin Music.

It’s clear that WWE is pushing Ali again, only this time a little slower, and that’s fine. The only issue I have with this is that there’s not a lot of performers who can keep up with Ali’s speed, so he’s having to slow down, and that’s hindering his progression. The main roster is an entirely different animal from his 205Live days.

After another video package recapping the last week with Roman Reigns, including what happened on Raw last night, we’d get a second video package of what happened between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins before Kayla Braxton interviewed Reigns about everything that’s happened. He would talk about how he’s never had an issue dealing with things coming at him because he knows who or what they are, but the mystery behind these attacks has him nervous. One thing for sure is that he apologized to Samoa Joe for accusing him of the attacks. Secondly, he had questions, and he wanted answers.

Natalya would come down to the ring to face off against Ember Moon, and the two would have a solid match together. The two wrestled like they had something to prove, but all of it was for naught when the two battled outside the ring and Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter, holding it well after the two were counted out. Bayley would run down to the ring and force Natalya to break her hold, and just like on Raw with Trish Stratus, Natalya would shove Bayley.

At this point, I have no clue what’s going down between the Natalya and Becky Lynch storyline. It’s all a bit random. WWE tried to push Lynch as a heel to get Natalya over, and that didn’t work. I think they’re changing gears and trying to push Natalya as the heel, and that’s not working either. I guess both are going into Summerslam as babyfaces.

Kevin Owens would host another episode of The KO Show. His guest would be his opponent at Summerslam, Shane McMahon, and it would go about as well as you’d expect with the two duking it out after Kevin failed to get Shane to put up his career also for their match this Sunday. Elias would try to get a cheap shot in, but Kevin would deliver a Stunner to put him down. Shane would take full advantage of the distraction by pushing the announce team’s desk on top of Kevin and pounding his head in.

Sami Zayn would come down to the ring and cut a promo on the walking personification of every Sweedish Heavy Metal band, Aleister Black, calling him overrated. Black would arrive (sort of) and let Zayn know that their match wasn’t for Summerslam, it was for tonight. Black would win with the Black Mass.

Shelton Benjamin, whom we haven’t seen in what feels like months, cut another promo with the same gimmick as we saw last time, where he would be asked a question, look around, say “Well,” and then walk away.

Bray Wyatt would host another episode of the Firefly Fun House, talking about how Finn Balor is hiding his insecurities and fear behind his ignorant bravery. That would envoke The Fiend to emerge, asking everyone to let him in.

After a brief segment backstage with Chad Gable and Elias, Kofi Kingston would have his own video package of everything he had to do with Randy Orton, voicing over the video as if he were being interviewed.

For the main event, The New Day would face off against Planeteers Daniel Bryan and Eric Rowan, with nothing up for grabs. The match would start off slow and standard given the caliber of talent inside the ring. After two commercial breaks, the match finally picked up, but just as it was starting to get good, Rowan attacked Xavier Woods with the steel steps disqualifying he and Daniel Bryan, but the two didn’t care. They would pick apart The New Day with Daniel Bryan delivering the Flying Knee to Woods.

In the final segment of the night, Roman Reigns would walk into the men’s locker room and demand everyone to leave. Everyone, except Buddy Murphy. Roman wanted to know who’s been attacking him, but Murphy refused to talk, so Roman had to throw him around until Murphy let slip that it was Rowan who had been attacking him the last week.

The show ends randomly on Daniel Bryan and Rowan standing in the ring, watch Reigns deal with the information that had just been feed to him.

This episode of Smackdown was decent. There wasn’t anything really standing out, and when Vince and the WWE had the opportunity to make it happen, they would go in the other direction.

I gave the going home episode of Smackdown Live a 2.5 out of 5 stars.