The Lurker (2019)- Surprisingly Good Theatre Slasher

The Lurker (2019)- Surprisingly Good Theatre Slasher

I checked this one out since I’m a fan of Scout Taylor Compton and found it to be pretty good. She plays a high school senior about to graduate and is mixed up in a vicious scandal during a theatre play that she is a part of.

At the same time, a masked serial killer is murdering people connected to the play and the viewer isn’t aware of a much bigger picture until the twisted end. There are a few murders in the beginning and then the film switches to an after-party at one of the student’s homes and there are a few more killings there. Being that the party house is behind the high school, a handful of remaining teens make it to the school and are locked in and also begin to be killed off one at a time.

A few of the killings in this are pretty gory, but most kills are done relatively quickly. The film had an overall weirdness to it but that definitely played a part in the film’s twisted and unexpected ending.

Now that I’ve seen the film and the conclusion, it foreshadowed in flashbacks on who the real culprit of the killing spree is.

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