The Mandalorian Chapter 3: The Sin Review

The Mandalorian Chapter 3: The Sin Review

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Fans are raving over the Mandalorian and rightfully so. The first two episodes were filled with some great action, cinematography, and nostalgia. We were also introduced to what could be the most profitable character on the show in terms of merchandise… “Baby Yoda.”

Our protagonist’s long journey to obtain his bounty (“Baby Yoda”) seems to be coming full circle as he is on his way back to receive his reward. Once the Mandalorian turns “Baby Yoda” over to the empire he immediately shows feelings of regret.

The reward for delivering the bounty (Photo: Lucasfilm)

Although he regrets his decision he goes through with it anyways. He takes his spoils of Beskar steel over to the covert, which is the hiding place for all the Mandalorians in the region. Here the Mandalorian receives an entirely new shiny set of armor made out of the precious Beskar steel. In this scene, we get to learn a little more about the Mandalorians and their relationship with the empire. One of the other Mandalorians calls our protagonist a “traitor” for how he obtained the steel. Nonetheless, the armor is created.

New Armor being forged for the Mandalorian (Photo: Lucasfilm)

Mando (for lack of better terms) seems very remorseful for his actions and wants to receive more work very far away in order to make him forget what he has done. Mando can’t go through with his decision and decides to go on a rescue mission to save the beloved “Baby Yoda.” This portion of the episode is great for the character’s development and makes him more relatable and less robotic. This has been the case over each episode that passes.

The rescue provides fans with the most action that the show has seen. From the point of the rescue onward is non stop thrill and action. Our anti-hero shows his wittiness and quick decision making, as he is put in very stressful situations. This adds more to the character and gives him a little more personality, as we never get to see his face.

The Mandalorian as he rescues Baby Yoda (Photo: Lucasfilm)

A scene that will leave fans with many questions is when “Baby Yoda” is being experimented on. The doctor or researcher, that seems to be involved with the empire, is running tests on the child that seem to be harming him or altering him in some way. This is most likely to be answered in future episodes to come.

Mando has made an enormous risk to save his little green friend, every bounty hunter in the area is after him. Mando is pinned down on his way to escape by dozens of bounty hunters.

Just as it looks like all hope is lost all of his Mandalorian brothers and sisters come to the rescue in an epic shootout. This provides our protagonist with enough time to escape with the child.

The episode ends with our two main characters jumping into hyperspace as they narrowly escaped the bounty hunting guild. Jon Favreau knows how to leave his fans hanging and wanting more.

Chapter 3 is arguably the best so far in the series. Mando develops more as a character and shows us how smart and deadly he can be. There is plenty of action and suspense to keep the fans pleased in this week’s episode. To top all of that off, “Baby Yoda” is back!

Rating 9/10