The Mandolorian Trailer

The new trailer is out for the Mandolorian directed by John Favreau (Iron Man, The Lion King) and it looks really dark and has an ensemble cast. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Favreau said “I’m trying to evoke the aesthetics of not just the original trilogy but the first film. Not just the first film but the first act of the first film.” He said he was obsessed as a child with the cantina scene.

Remember the first time you heard the cantina song, as the camera pans over all of the different villainous scum, lots of different creatures with different stories to tell. These are the stories we will hopefully see in The Mandolorian. It should be the Star Wars adults have been looking for, but I have some concerns.

There’s a scene that shows a droid that looks like IG-88 rotating around as he fires in both directions. My heart stopped while I watched that one-second clip. IG-88 is one of the bounty hunters from the Original Trilogy that can be seen next to Boba Fett, Bosk and 4-Lom when Vader is looking for hitmen to bring him, Han Solo. I remember my first run-in with IG-88 in the classic N64 game Shadows of the Empire as a difficult boss battle. I even have multiples of his Kenner toy from the 80″s. After looking online it turns out the character from the clip is IG-11, which will be voiced by Taika Watti (Thor Ragnarock, What We Do In The Shadows).

Now, this is where my concern comes in. Taika is known for doing comedy and he’s brilliant at it. He’s known best for his deadpan humor in his famous New Zeland accent. Which makes me believe he is going to be the comic relief for this show. I can’t see him playing a serious character and I really don’t want him to be another Jar Jar Binks when really he should be a kick-ass, shoot first ask questions later bounty hunter. In the majority of the Star Wars films, droids are normally the comic relief. Favreau is not a stranger to comedy as he directed Elf and stared in Swingers. He is good friends with Vince Vaughn and they have worked on multiple projects together.

Whatever comedy he brings to the Star Wars universe is hopefully done tactfully. Regardless of the outcome, this is going to be an epic TV show, think Game of Thrones in space.

What would be amazing is if each episode is like Cowboy Bebop where they’re hunting a different bounty every time.

Looks like it’s time to sign up for Disney’s new streaming service.

Chris Keough