The Next UFC Mega Fight? Jon Jones vs Isreal Adesanya is on the Horizon for 2020

Pound for pound number one in the world Jon Jones is still talking about newly crowned Middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya. It did not take long after Israel’s win at UFC 243 in the main event where The Last StyleBender defeated Robert Whittaker.

Jones took to Twitter, saying by the time this kid gets his confidence together, he already is going to be in the heavyweight division. Jones said he doesn’t need to wait until 2021, to start believing in himself. Jones is referencing the statements of Adesanya himself saying the light heavyweight champion isn’t the same fighter that he once was. He also predicted they would match up in 2021. Adesanya further explained that he will have to fight and defend his belt at least a couple of times against fighters, in the Middleweight division. First, it will be Paulo Costa, who is already lined up for a shot at Adesanya’s Title.

Jones came back saying, the lack of confidence from Adesanya, a new champion is a bit of a pot and calling the kettle black. It is interesting to note that Jones mentioned the heavyweight division in his tweet since he has avoided moving up to the weight class.

Jones has dominated the light heavyweight division. He has done this several times over. Jones’s last two title defenses have been against two Middleweights. It looks as if Jones wants a shot at Adesanya and his Middleweight Championship.

Former heavyweight and light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier weighed in on the matter by saying that Adesanya is just too small to fight Jones. Cormier says that Adesanya is fantastic and exciting. He says that everything Izzy has done has been great but just because Adesanya did everything right doesn’t mean he has done everything. He thinks Izzy may be able to put up a fight with his striking abilities but at the end of the day, Jones is just too big.

That is an interesting take from the former champ who has had nothing but issues with Jones.

Expect more back and forth from these two incredibly bad men as we head into 2020.

If this were to happen it could be that mainstream fight the UFC needs to get them back in the limelight.