The Poo Poo Platter – Biggest Busts of Week 13 Fantasy Football

The Poo Poo Platter – Biggest Busts of Week 13 Fantasy Football

Love hurts. Love scars. Love wounds our fantasy football lineups. Here are the guys we love that did us wrong, the biggest busts of week thirteen fantasy football.


Nick Foles – It was one of the worst performances of Nick Foles’ career and that includes the Jeff Fisher days. Foles failed to accumulate 100 yards and had 3 turnovers, 1 interception and 2 lost fumbles in the game. Foles ultimately was benched for Gardner Minshew, who almost led a comeback and now Foles status as the starter is in question going forward.

Sam Darnold – This was an atrocious performance from Sam Darnold, who had been steady for fantasy purposes through his last 3 games. The matchup, seemingly, was excellent, but the Cincinnati Bengals defense brutalized Darnold and held the Jets to just 6 points. Darnold’s performance nearly cost me a playoff spot in one of my leagues, but luckily, I survived Darnold’s terrible day and I hope you did too.

Kyler Murray – Projected to be the rookie of the year, Kyler Murray had his 2nd worst day for fantasy purposes this season against the Los Angeles Rams. Murray has been very solid for fantasy and even in this game, he saved you with a rushing touchdown. However, it was still a rough day considering how well Murray has played, so he makes the poo platter this week.

Jimmy Garrapolo – If you take out the two games against the Arizona Cardinals, who’ve proven to be the league’s worst defense, Jimmy Garrapolo has just 13 touchdowns on the season. Jimmy G is a far better real-life quarterback than a fantasy starter, which I’ve said since the offseason and he continues to prove this as he’s ranked 14th in fantasy points on the season, behind quarterbacks with struggling offenses like Tom Brady and Carson Wentz. He’s not a reliable fantasy asset.

Daniel Jones – It wasn’t an impressive day for Daniel Jones unless you happen to be a fantasy owner. Even though he turned the ball over multiple times, I was encouraged to see Daniel Jones rattle off 240 yards and a touchdown in inclimate weather. With matchups against the Eagles, Dolphins and Redskins up next, Danny Dimes could be a massive boost to your team.


Ronald Jones – Bruce Arians must hate fantasy football because only a few weeks after declaring Ronald Jones the starter, he runs out Peyton Barber to score all the fantasy points. Because of this, you cannot trust Ronald Jones on any given week, especially in your fantasy playoffs.

David Johnson – You wouldn’t know it because of the stat line, but David Johnson played on Sunday against the Rams. He was largely ineffective, as he has been for most of the season and there was no volume to speak of since he only touched the ball 6 times. Since week 6, Johnson has 19 rushing yards… total. He’s basically a drop candidate at this stage of the season.

Aaron Jones – For the second straight week and for the third time in four games, Aaron Jones has been a fantasy bust. If Jones isn’t finding the endzone, he’s been generally unusable and largely outplayed by fellow running back Jamaal Williams who continues to be more active in the passing game. Jones will have some really tough matchups in the playoffs, but you won’t be able to bench him, so you’re kind of stuck with him. Just hope for the best.

Le’Veon Bell – Because of his work in the passing game, he didn’t completely bury your week, but Le’Veon Bell has been a disappointment for fantasy owners all year. This is supposed to be the monster Bell stretch as the Jets are facing a string of bottom-tier teams, but Bell’s lack of explosiveness is evident and is preventing him from taking advantage of his good matchups. 

Nick Chubb – The Steelers held Nick Chubb to under 90 scrimmage yards, the first time he’s been held to less than 90 yards since the season opener. It wasn’t a terrible day, but it was thoroughly disappointing if you were leaning on Chubb hoping for a big day. Chubb has been so good this year that you likely didn’t need a win to get in the playoffs, but if you did, Chubb wasn’t the one who got you there this week.


Tyrell Williams – The entire Raiders offense except for Darren Waller ghosted fantasy owners on Sunday. Tyrell Williams caught just 1 of 4 targets for 9 yards and that catch didn’t come until the 4th quarter. Williams has faded over the last half of the season and is not to be trusted for your fantasy playoffs.

Jamison Crowder – After posting three solid fantasy games, Jamison Crowder has been a bust in his last two. He was targeted 9 times against the Bengals but only caught 2 passes. The Jets have an enviable playoff schedule, but it’s fair to question if they’ll be able to take advantage of plus matchups. Crowder can still be flexed, but you should be wary of his potential to disappoint you.

Christian Kirk – The Rams weren’t the only defenders making life hard on Christian Kirk, as at one point he ran into the goal post while attempting to make a touchdown catch. The Cardinals passing attack has been capped by the limited pass attempts Kyler Murray is producing and so Christian Kirk is a nice option, but an unreliable one as well.

Odell Beckham – Perhaps the biggest wide receiver fantasy bust this year, Odell Beckham has only surpassed 100 yards twice this season and has just 2 touchdowns this year. Beckham has failed to build chemistry with Baker Mayfield and has not produced up to his usual standard for fantasy owners. Regardless of the name-value, I do not trust Odell Beckham except in the most positive matchups.

Chris Godwin/Mike Evans – It was a disappointing day for both Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, as neither surpassed 60 yards on their 4 catches respectively. It’s not anything to worry about though, as the Bucs leaned on their ground game and defense in what turned into an easy win for them. You can still roll out Godwin and Evans for your playoff run.


Hunter Henry – Since returning from injury, Hunter Henry has been a solid tight end for fantasy football. That’s why it was so surprising to see him shut down the way he was against Denver, pulling in just 2 catches for 10 yards. This feels like more of an outlier than the norm and as long as he’s healthy, Hunter Henry is startable over most other tight ends.

George Kittle – The 49ers star tight end was only targeted 4 times, resulting in a disappointing fantasy day for George Kittle owners. The positive outlook is that Kittle did not re-aggravate his injury and was instead asked to block more due to the Ravens pass rush. Kittle is still a TE1 and should be started every week when healthy.

Greg Olsen – I had my concerns about Greg Olsen heading into this game, but I wasn’t counting on an injury to knock him out of the game. That’s exactly what happened though, as Olsen took a very hard shot and was unable to return to game action. Given his age, it’s possible this keeps him out at least a few games, so his status will need to be monitored.

Ryan Griffin – Even in a bad game, Ryan Griffin caught 5 of 7 targets for 30 yards and was somewhat usable in PPR leagues. Griffin has been one of the better streaming tight ends and assuming the Jets can get themselves back on track, he should continue to be heavily used in the red zone. Given the matchups the Jets have upcoming, Griffin is a definite hold and potential streaming play.

Zach Ertz – If he had caught the touchdown that he dropped, Zach Ertz’s fantasy day would have looked a lot different. Unfortunately, missing all but one practice during the week seemed to have an effect on Ertz and his role was reduced as well. Much to my chagrin, Ertz has disappointed me when I needed him most, but he’s still one of the top three tight ends in fantasy football behind George Kittle and Travis Kelce.


Philadelphia Eagles – I never had a good feeling about the Eagles defense. Even though I had listed them as a start, that was more because of who Miami has been all season. However, I never thought the defense was actually good, particularly the secondary, so I wasn’t the least bit shocked the defense busted for fantasy football. This just proved you can’t trust them at all this season.

New England Patriots – This game played out as I had predicted, and the New England Patriots defense failed to score double-digit fantasy points for the third time this season. In fact, this was their lowest fantasy output and second-most points allowed since they lost to the Baltimore Ravens. Hopefully, you have a bye week since this week they’ll face the Chiefs, but the next week they’ll face off against the Bengals.

Chicago Bears – I keep saying it; the Bears’ defense is not that good. The Bears haven’t had a monster defensive performance since week 4 of the regular season, though they have been somewhat okay for the last four weeks. The bottom line is they’re not producing like the highest-drafted defense and I don’t expect them to for the remainder of the season.

San Francisco 49ers – If you are playing defenses against Lamar Jackson right now, it’s your own fault if the defense doesn’t do well for your fantasy lineup.

Carolina Panthers – This was a disappointing performance from the Carolina Panthers who were once known for having a vaunted defense. Instead, the Panthers got run over by Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson for over 200 yards. If not for Christian McCaffrey, this team would probably be a bottom tier team and the defense is the largest culprit as to why.