The Poo Poo Platter – Biggest Busts of Week 7 Fantasy Football

Love hurts. Love scars. Love wounds our fantasy football lineups. Here are the guys we love that did us wrong, the biggest busts of week one Sunday football.


Matt Ryan – He would ultimately leave the game with an injury, however, even before then, Matt Ryan was having a terrible game. We are likely going to see Matt Schaub next week because the Falcons have their bye week coming up after this next matchup against the Seahawks and Matt Ryan could use the extra time to heal.

Jimmy Garropolo – The 49ers might be undefeated, but your fantasy football team probably isn’t if you’ve been starting Jimmy Garropolo. Jimmy G is a fine quarterback, but he’s operating as a game manager on a run-heavy, defensive team. At this point, you could honestly drop Jimmy G unless you’re in a two quarterback league.

Daniel Jones – It was a great matchup that turned into a nightmare for Daniel Jones, as the offensive line could not hold up against the Cardinals, allowing 8 sacks total. Danny Dimes has a case of the -itis as well, as he continues to fumble the ball away. The team around him is banged up, but this is a perfect buy low opportunity on all the Giants players given they face Washington and Miami in weeks 15 and 16.

Kyler Murray – It was a tremendous day for Chase Edmonds, meaning Kyler Murray didn’t have to do much of anything on Sunday. Currently ranked as a top 15 fantasy quarterback, Kyler Murray is having a tremendous season and is likely going to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year. The Cardinals are about to have two incredibly tough matchups against the Saints and 49ers, so Murray is likely to be on your bench for the next two weeks.

Carson Wentz – It was a rough day for Carson Wentz and the Eagles as they got spanked by their biggest rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. The road isn’t about to get much easier for them as the Eagles will now head on the road to Buffalo, before getting a home matchup against the Chicago Bears. Then after their bye week, they will have to face off against the New England Patriots. If the Eagles lose these next three matchups, their season just might be over.


David Johnson – Kliff Kingsbury pulled the ultimate bait and switch by dressing and starting David Johnson, only to pull him in favor of Chase Edmonds due to perceived health reasons. David Johnson is definitely banged up, but it was still surprising to see him get virtually no touches, even with the success that Chase Edmonds was having. This situation will be one to monitor.

David Montgomery – It has been a rough season thus far for the Chicago Bears’ running backs and in particular, David Montgomery. It’s crazy how bad the Bears offense has been given that Matt Nagy is supposed to be one of the better offensive minds in football, but it simply isn’t translating onto the field. Montgomery is a dynamic running back capable of working in the passing game, but he’s simply not being used as such. Even still, I think he’s playable this week in an overcorrection game.

Kerryon Johnson – It hasn’t been quite the season that fantasy football owners expected from Kerryon Johnson. He’s been mostly fine, but his production has been moderate. Unfortunately, he picked up a knee injury early in this game and is now projected to miss a few weeks. The Lions running scheme wasn’t one to get excited about, but KJ was finding some success in the passing game, so this is an unfortunate turn of events for the young running back.

Devin Singletary – It was an odd game between the Dolphins and Bills, as it seemed like the Dolphins were surging towards their first win of the season until a turnover at the goal line gave the Bills life. The Bills would complete the comeback, but they did it mostly through the air, leaving only 18 total carries between Frank Gore and Singletary. There will be better days for these running backs going forward, as they have matchups with the Redskins and Dolphins upcoming.

Devonta Freeman – It was a bad day for the Falcons’ offense, but perhaps none more so than Devonta Freeman. Freeman got clowned by Aaron Donald before getting ejected, as he was picked up and handled like a little brother. The ejection put an end to what was a terrible day for the running back, as he finished with just 25 total yards.

Joe Mixon – If not for a 2 yard receiving touchdown, this would have been an absurdly terrible day for Joe Mixon. Mixon ran the ball 10 times for a grand total of 2 yards. The Bengals offensive line has been so bad that I wouldn’t even trust Mixon against the Miami Dolphins right now. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do with Joe Mixon other than leave him on your bench.


Mohamed Sanu/Calvin Ridley – The Falcons offense imploded and following the Matt Ryan injury, all hope was lost for this passing attack. The matchup was excellent, but unfortunately, both Mohamed Sanu and Calvin Ridley didn’t do much of anything. Julio Jones was the only productive wide receiver and even he did not surpass 100 yards. Chalk this up to a bad day for the Falcons, but downgrade the passing options should Matt Ryan miss time.

Will Fuller – Blondie might have a heart of glass, but Will Fuller has hamstrings of glass. Fuller would leave the game early with a hamstring injury which will now cost him several weeks of game action. In doing so, he likely tanked your week, especially if you were in a situation like I was in one league where I started Will Fuller and Calvin Ridley over Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

Terry McLaurin – The only thing Scary about Terry this week was the matchup, which was compounded by the extreme weather conditions in the 49ers/Redskins game. Terry McLaurin would finish with one catch, however, it can be completely disregarded considering that the Redskins only threw the ball 12 times during the entire game.

Keenan Allen – This might be the last opportunity that you have to buy low on Keenan Allen. Although he was incredibly inefficient, he had 11 targets in the game and his schedule definitely lightens up following the Bears matchup, which doesn’t look so daunting of a sudden. After that though, the Chargers will face the Packers, the Raiders and the Chiefs.

Kenny Golladay – Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola had quite the day for fantasy football, so it was surprising that not only did Kenny Golladay have a bad fantasy day, he only drew two targets. It seems like Jones and Golladay struggle to co-exist, as whenever Marvin Jones goes off, Golladay seems to take a backseat. Golladay should be fine this week against the Giants though.

Michael Gallup – Perhaps the most disappointing performance of the week for fantasy football belongs to Michael Gallup. Gallup had an excellent matchup, but only saw 4 targets in the game. He caught 3 passes for 34 yards and was an afterthought in this game. There will be better days ahead for Gallup, this was just an unfortunate turn of events.


Evan Engram – It was a horrendous fantasy day for Evan Engram. Engram could not capitalize on the quintessential matchup for tight ends and was terribly inefficient, catching just 1 of his 5 targets. The Cardinals proved the matchup was right, as Rhett Ellison caught a big touchdown, however, Evan Engram clearly wasn’t right in this game and it hurt you for fantasy football.

Zach Ertz – It’s officially time to start worrying about Zach Ertz. Fantasy owners of Ertz had their worst fears realized on Sunday, as Dallas Goedert is now officially cutting into Ertz’s workload including in the redzone. Given how bad the tight end landscape looks in fantasy football this year, you’re not dropping Ertz, you can’t trade him for the value you invested in him and you can’t bench him. He’s a fantasy black hole where teams go to die.

Mark Andrews – It would have been a much bigger day for Mark Andrews if he had been able to hang on to a touchdown pass from Lamar Jackson. Unfortunately, he did not. However, he’s still being heavily targeted, so he’s still a TE1 going forward.

Dawson Knox – The matchup was prime and the Bills even found themselves in a passing game-script. Unfortunately, this did not translate to fantasy points for Dawson Knox, who wasn’t really involved. If Fort Knox couldn’t get it going in this game against the Dolphins, than he’s not likely to produce in any other games this season.

George Kittle – It was so hard to pass in the 49ers game due to the adverse weather conditions that the 49ers tried to run the ball with George Kittle. However, the field was so slick, Kittle ended up slipping and falling as soon as he tried to plant and cut. It turned into a bad day for both passing attacks, but George Kittle is still a top three tight end in fantasy football.


Los Angeles Chargers – It was a disappointing day for the Chargers all around, especially given the complications at the end of the game. However, the defense allowed Ryan Tannehill to come off the bench and pass for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. Even with the Chicago Bears coming up, which is seemingly a good matchup, I wouldn’t look to stream the Chargers given how the defense has played to date.

Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings found themselves in a shootout against the Detroit Lions and ultimately allowed the Lions to score 30 points. They effectively shut down the run but struggled against the pass. Star cornerback Xavier Rhodes is not playing up to par and is getting roasted on a weekly basis. The Vikings defense could still be used as a streaming option, but expectations will need to be tempered.

Seattle Seahawks – This is not the Seahawks defense that we are used to seeing, especially when they’re playing at home. Lamar Jackson looked like a faster Colin Kaepernick as he ran all over the Seahawks en route to a massive victory. The Seahawks defense has not played well, but even still, I’ll be looking to stream them against the Falcons if the pick-six machine that is Matt Schaub is starting.

Oakland Raiders – The Raiders have played surprisingly well through the first half of the season, but they were completely outclassed by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers had a career day in a game where he was missing his star receiver and the rest of the corps was banged up. The Raiders are a bottom three fantasy defense and have three tough matchups coming up, so they shouldn’t even be considered as rosterable.

Tennessee Titans – For the most part, the Titans have been a top ten defense this year. They were third in sacks through 5 games, but they’ve trailed off since then, accumulating only 2 sacks in their last 2 games. The defense is struggling to create sacks and turnovers and can be disregarded as fool’s gold for fantasy football purposes.