The Return of the Peacock-NBC Dives into Online Streaming

NBC has decided to throw their weight into the online stream game. Creating their own website and service called the Peacock. Not only do I have to say that with an exasperated sigh, but I also hate the name. I know that it has been their symbol for years, but it just has a lot of chances for parody. Which could lead to them getting not taken serious in the saturated market.

That is also their biggest problem. They are entering a market place dominated by the established Hulu and Netflix, with the media titan Disney entering with their Disney+. Between those three alone it would be a tough sell for them to provide content that could get us to give up the 15 dollars a month. (Not sure on the actual price just an estimate based on other services.)

Their only chance of surviving the year, if that, is if they have a show or a collection of shows that can convince people to subscribe just for that. That and all of the Disney movies is what has given Disney+ a chance. They have a collection of Marvel shows that will be expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe post Endgame. NBC has nothing in their tool bag that could do that.

Instead they seem to want to draw on cult classics like the Office and Parks and Recs. This tactic will also not work as people who would do a streaming service just for those shows would also have already bought the collection. This eliminates that niche they would have drawn from. 

That is not to say they are not creating their own content, but it is unknown what intellectual property they may be trying to tap into. Netflix dominated with their collection of the Defenders shows along with their cult shows like Supernatural. As stated before, NBC doesn’t have that collection of IP’s to draw from.

Now that I have told you how difficult it will be to survive for them, here is what they can do. Make a deal with Sony for their collection of Spiderverse things. Sony is in a lot of trouble because of their fight with Disney over Tom Holland, NBC could make a deal to provide TV shows and content that is exclusive to their brand.

Give a season of each of the Spiderverse shows they wanted to do to world build and then create a universal movie them. There own Avengers movie. Giving a chance for the public to grow to like whatever Sony was going to do with Spiderman, while building up Mobius, Kraven the Hunter and possibly even Venom.

This is just an example of what they could do from my geek perspective.