The Righteous Gemstones-Not such a Gem

The Righteous Gemstones is a new comedy on HBO created by Danny McBride. It features John Goodman, Danny McBride, and Adam Devine as a mega-rich family of televangelists. The show covers the day to day life of the family. When we are introduced to their lives, John Goodman has lost his wife, one of Danny’s sons has run away, Adam Devine is struggling with being alone, and their sister played by Edi Patterson is attempting to marry someone outside the family. 

This will be the third time Danny McBride has teamed up with HBO to star in a dark comedy on their network and honestly, it’s kind of stale. John Goodman plays a serious character so you don’t get any laughs from him, Danny is the same character he was in East Bound and Down, and Adam is just the same guy from Workaholics. The show has a good dramatic climax at the end of the first episode but falls flat in the second episode. The antagonists in this movie are not very funny either and come off as sort of unrealistic in specific scenes. I was excited to see Walter Goggins(Vice) appear in the third episode as Baby Billy, who is basically an imitation of real-life Billy Graham. Goggins and Danny worked together on Vice Principles which was a hilarious dark comedy on HBO, so to see them unite again I was hoping the laughs would never stop. Unfortunately, the laughs never came.

Hopefully, I’m not speaking to early because of as of now there have already been four episodes and I fell like I have given the show enough time to get their footing. To me, I have seen this all before and only chuckles here and there in each episode. I love everything Danny has done so far and hope this show the best.

New episodes come out on HBO on Sunday Night.