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noun: vigorish
an excessive rate of interest on a loan, typically one from an illegal moneylender.

the percentage deducted from a gambler’s winnings by the organizers of a game.
“payment of vigorish to be made at a later time”

The Vig was created in the beginning of February 2020 by two brother-in-laws, J and Bill. They are both from upstate New York and have been immersed in the sports gambling world for years. J had the idea to create a sports gambling podcast with an XFL focus and Bill agreed. With their immense gambling knowledge, love for sports and the XFL being a new, untapped market, it was the perfect storm.

Off to a blazing start, the guys failed to record before Week 1 of the XFL. However, they were up and running with their first episode dropping right before XFL’s Week 2 kickoff. After a few weeks, they had both fallen into a groove and their personalities began to take shape. J turned into a sports detective making connections; line after line, his research turned into sometimes outlandish, yet completely logical, Bold Predictions of the Week. Bill’s Black Horse of the Week blunder was now a recurring topic and his Locks of the Week were automatic.

The plan was to branch off into other sports coverage as the XFL ended; but now, with almost all sports being cancelled for the foreseeable future, they have had to venture into uncharted territory. J has been locked in as of late, going 21-10 in Bleacher Report’s GOAT Madden Sim Bracket and deep diving into NASCAR’s iRacing. Bill has a newfound love in the nonstop action of International Table Tennis and has been profitable with Madden Simulations, as well.

New episodes come out weekly, with the occasional bonus episode and special guest.

For The Love of Gambling, this is The Vig.

Remembering the Miracle of Istanbul

May 25th, 2005 exactly 15 years ago Liverpool FC completed one of the most improbable comebacks in professional sports history known as the "Miracle of Istanbul." How many times have you seen "the warriors blew a 3-1 lead", or people

Channing Frye’s Ice Cold Take

Just yesterday I wrote about the dumb things that Blake Snell had to say about returning to baseball without his full salary. I thought that would probably be the worst thing said by an athlete this week. Insert Channing Frye This guy has

Blake Snell Doesn’t Get It

Blake Snell used to be one of my favorite pitchers in baseball. The lefty from Tampa Bay has four plus pitches that led him to a dominant 2018 season where he won the Cy Young while pitching in arguably the toughest division in baseball.

NFL Schedule Release: Games I Want to See

The NFL Schedule was released tonight. Usually this is not something I care too much about other than seeing the number of times I'm going to have to stay up ridiculously late to watch the Patriots play in prime time. With no other sports

Golf is Back

Golf is coming back!! No not a full tournament, but I’ll take 4 great PGA players in a skins game. As an amateur gambler there isn’t anything better than watching guys battle it out for money every hole. That money, all four million

Derby Day

Ladies and gentlemen it’s derby day. The Kentucky Derby, like every other sporting event, has been postponed until September 5th, but the good people at Churchill Downs are giving us a race in its place. I’ll admit when I first heard that

Baseball is Back!

Stay with me here. The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) has been active for almost a month now. I am, by no means, a huge baseball guy. I'm a lifelong Mets fan and that means my typical baseball watching experience is probably

When Are We Getting Sports Back?

As a lifelong sports fan and an amateur gambler having no sports is really starting to wear on me. How many old games can I watch? How many Madden sims can I bet on? This past week's NFL draft was just a tease, a small taste of what we all

Andy Dalton to New England?

In the least surprising development of all time, Andy Dalton has been released by the Cincinnati Bengals. Shocker. Cue the Twitter detectives to make a mountain out of a molehill. Now, Andy Dalton to the Patriots is not a new

NFL Draft Drinking Game

The rules for everyday life have been changed as the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is upon us. We can no longer go out in public without a mask on. So does this mean we can drink daily without catching any flak for it? You bet we can!! It feels

NFL Draft Prop Bets I’d Like to See

The NFL draft is coming up this week and the prop bet field is loaded. You can make almost any bet from first player drafted to the position of Mr. Irrelevant. With the sports world slowing down and nothing else to blow our stimulus