The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 1 Review & Episode 2 Preview

We start season 10 off with a post-apocalyptic 300 feel. Our cast lined up in formation with shields straight out of Mad Max. Bows and arrows and spears as they were running drills formations like the Romans did against the Persians. It was a badass scene but it didn’t pave the way to what the episode had in store for us. This season was supposed to come out with a bang. As we got confirmation (Lauren Cohan) aka Maggie Greene will be returning this season, and TWD was renewed for a season 11. 

Viewers didn’t seem to feel the same. Sunday’s season 10 episode 1 “Lines We Cross” episode only had 4 million viewers. It fell 34% in viewers compared to the kickoff to Season 9 on October 7 last year. This also marks a slide of 3% in total viewers. I don’t believe this tells a complete story. With the ability to watch the Season 10 premiere on AMC Premiere for $5 a month since September 29th, most viewers got to see the premiere early. This skewed ratings tremendously as we saw a 5% growth in AMC Premiere subscriptions. Now on a grand level, it’s hard to say how much this truly impacted ratings. However, I did feel like the show felt off.

The storyline seemed very patchy, almost like the directors were forcing something on the screen. Now I am an avid Walking Dead fan and I have been since day one. I can understand that they are bringing new viewers up to speed on what has been going on with our cast and the infamous Alpha. Season 9 ended on a down note, with the Alpha and the Whisperers killing off a bunch of the good guys, including Tara, Enid, Henry and a bunch of other characters and then sticking their heads on pikes as a warning. The story seemed to distance itself from this storyline, almost regressing in a sense. 

In past season premieres, writers and directors were content with serving up big action sequences. Fake-outs, redirections, and calls to war, “Lines We Cross” got to the point of the story quickly and efficiently, setting up some of the major conflicts that will undoubtedly drive the first half of the season. Some parts were a little hard to watch towards the middle. I do feel they are trying to pass the torch to Daryl Dixon and make him the lead character. With the exit of ‎Danai Gurira who plays Michonne sometime during season 10, they would have to give it to someone. I agree with this 100%, but this is where I feel the writers didn’t truly prepare for her exit. That is certainly felt while watching this episode. It just felt unfinished.

All in all, I would rate the season premiere a solid B. I still feel like there is a lot of stories to be told, and I wholeheartedly believe that we are in for a ton of surprises this season. As I stated in my previous post ‘The Walking Dead’ The End Of A Decade, I definitely will not be canceling my AMC Premiere subscription or boycotting the show any time soon.

I truly believe there will be a ton of action and great storytelling in episode 2 “We Are the End of the World.”

Tune in on October 13th @ 8 p.m. cst only on AMC. You can also catch it 48 hours early if you are an AMC Premiere subscriber.

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