The Walking Dead, Season 10 “We Are The End Of The World” Review and Episode 3 Predictions


Seven years ago appears on the screen as we fade in on a survivor with her face smashed in an airbag of her crashed suv. The horn of her vehicle blaring. Her face is bloody.. when she comes to the camera pans to a horde of zombies approaching. Covered in zombie guts walking amongst the herd is Alpha and a young Lydia.

The horde approaches the woman survivor. She tries to open the driver side door, it is pinned shut. So she crawls out the passenger side door. She falls to the ground and attempts to crawl under the suv. Before she is half way underneath the suv a Walker drops to the ground and grabs at her legs. Camera pans under the van and the Walker bites the woman tearing a chunk of meat from her calf. The horde falls on top of the woman as they begin to eat her face and tear chunks of meat and organs from all over her body.. in one of the most gruesome scenes I have seen on the walking dead. 

Young Lydia screamed due to the gruesomeness of the current event. The zombies become attracted to the screams and go after Lydia. Alpha scrambles and starts stabbing walkers in the head to protect Lydia. Alpha moves from building to building fighting off the horde. The first door is locked they frantically scramble to the next door. The second door is locked.  Alpha bangs on the door… as the horde approaches the door slowly opens. Alpha and Lydia walk fades to black. 

They pan down the hall to a huge man wearing a ski mask. This is where we meet Beta. The episode continues to tell the story of Alpha and Beta. After a great opening with a gruesome scene. The episode is in and out and has some holes. We lack some of the characters we want to see. With this being Michonne last season. She really isn’t getting much screen time. When is Maggie coming back?

Negan is nowhere to be found. The story just seems to be dragging. I said it after EP1 they need to get this war moving forward to captivate the audience. This season just doesn’t feel like the same Walking Dead. It has lost a lot of its grittiness and edge that our survivors always had. That grittiness and edge always drove the show, and kept you on the edge of your seats. The characters seem to be content with Alpha controlling the border and the group seems scared and lost. Something needs to change next episode. The show is silently sliding in rankings.

In episode 3 we must see someone make a bold move to challenge Alpha. We need Maggie to return to the hilltop. Everyone who has held her spot since her absence has died. First Jesus then Tera, we are losing big characters left and right. and the story’s aren’t getting any better for other characters. We are reaching a pivotal point in the season. Episode 3 and episode 4 are going to shape the way for the future of The Walking Dead in a big way. If it doesn’t get back to that edge and grittiness I was discussing. Fans will start to bail even more than they already have.