The Walking Dead…The End Of A Decade

Leaves are beginning to fall, the smell of fall is in the air, pumpkins are on doorsteps, and the sound of children playing football fills the neighborhood cul de sacks. This can only mean one thing…it’s Time for The Walking Dead. Season 10 premieres this Sunday, Oct 6th at 9 PM PT/ET on AMC. There are so many unanswered questions going into year number 10. We watched season nine go by without any site of Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan’s) iconic character. We are now in a world without Rick Grimes, and the Comic Book series that paved the way for the show has abruptly come to an end.

Robert Kirkman bluntly stated “This is the end of The Walking Dead. That’s it…it’s over we’re done.” This leaves the fans to wonder what will happen to the show. Where will we be when the dust settles at the end of season 10? Will Rick Grimes make his way back this season? We already know Andrew Lincoln has signed on for three full-length, big-budget TWD films. These films will only be in theaters. These are stand-alone films that could allow him to make his way back to the show with another time jump. Former co-star Norman Reedus did a radio interview and talked about how much fun he had filming Season 10. He spoke about a chat he had with Andrew, “I talked to Andy and he was like ‘Man I picked the wrong time to leave the show because it’s so F*****g good right now. I’m like, Yeah, you did dude.”

We also know that Lauren Cohan’s show on ABC, Whiskey Cavalier was canceled. This would be the perfect time for her to rejoin the cast on TWD. With the departure of Danai Gurira at the end of season 10 and a 37% drop in viewer ratings for the season 9 finale, this leaves us all wondering WILL THIS BE IT FOR TWD.

With three of the main characters gone, a huge drop in ratings, and the sudden abrupt ending to the comic series, I think we will be in for a wild ride in season 10. We are going to see the return of some major characters… Possibly the cross into Fear The Walking Dead.

We are going to cry and say our goodbyes to characters we thought were never going to be killed off. I just hope we aren’t saying goodbye to EVERYONE, come season end.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride! It sure has been one hell of one. So whatever the outcome may be, tune in on Sunday, Oct 6th at 9 PM PT/ET on AMC and let us go for a ride!!!