“The Boys” Where Heroes become Villains


They say, you never want to meet your heroes and in this case, in The Boys, if you do you might want to run!

The new series “The Boys” on Amazon is like an unusual taste in your mouth that delights and intrigues, before giving you a twist of lemon at the end of every bite. With executive producers, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, from their recent show Preacher, have now brought us another new fresh show in “The Boys”. With the current status of film and tv being oversaturated with the superhero mythos, it is hard to imagine a new show that could flip the script and change the way we see our capes; “ The Boys” does just that.

The Boys

The series takes place in a universe where super powered people exist and are recognized as heroes by the general public. These heroes are owned by a company named Vought International. The first group that we follow is known as “The Seven” and are this world’s Justice League or Avengers. The money made off of marketing and advertising is seen throughout the show and is a very valuable income to this company. A clean cookie-cutter image of each hero is depended upon for sales of merchandise and movies. So a PR team is constantly trying to hide collateral damage and sexual misconduct from the public to maintain a good face. This team is lead by “Homelander”. Imagine Superman with fetishes, a quick temper and the feeling of being underappreciated and you have Homelander. Played by Antony Starr, who was the lead on the Cinemax show Banshee. His performance alone as the homicidal leader of the team is almost a good enough review to watch this. When he yells, the world stops and waits to see what he’ll do next.  

The second group is a force of vigilantes that are determined to expose this fake world of The Seven and show them for the debaucherous murderers they really are. These are “The Boys”  and will not stop or play by any rules until they get the justice they deserve. They are led by Billy Butcher played by Karl Urban. Butcher has no problems with killing supes and in fact enjoys it. His methods are as brutal as they are effective. You are often left wondering what line won’t he cross to get what he wants.

In between these warring nations are two new recruits to both. Starlight played by Erin Moriarty, is a small town girl that has just been inducted into “The Seven” and is learning that not everything is as wholesome as she was led to believe. Her struggle is one of the main drives of the show and is shared by the viewer the whole season. The Boy’s new recruit is Hughie played by Jack Quaid. After having a girlfriend accidentally killed by a superhero on a mission (In one of the most stunning moments on the show) Hughie is recruited by Billy Butcher to join the team. Hughie is not a confrontational person, but every man has his breaking point which we soon learn through our protagonist Hughie.

This concept is anything but new, but it’s the execution that really drives home the story. The narrative and backstory are really well written. Seeing our beloved super saviors having to deal with the politics of being products that the Vought International company is selling in contrast to ordinary people learning the true dark nature of their heroes is the catalyst to this show epic conclusion.  The Seven are well-executed, often at times looking more like a scene from a mob’s hideout than at Avengers Tower.

The chemistry between The Boys in even the slowest scenes is still captivating and is ripe with dark humor. This parody of the story we all know so well seems perfectly timed and set to be the savior we need. They seem to find a good formula between sex, sarcasm, and violence. With a great cast and even better writing “The Boys” is this Summer’s big hit and we can certainly see why.

With the show being greenlit for another season we can’t wait to watch in horror and delight at what our new heroes will do to “save “ us.

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