This Week in WWE- WWE Raw & SD Live Results, Clash of Champions Preview, The King of My Ring Podcast & More

The King of My Ring-Clash of Champions Preview

  • In this episode, TK goes in on KO for his antics as ref on Smackdown Live tonight. That is NOT a way to build your new badass.
  • He also previews and predicts every match from this Sunday’s Clash of Champions show.

Raw Results

This week has been up and down for the WWE. Raw was a solid show. It started with Stonecold stunning AJ Styles and ended with Stonecold drinking beer. I don’t really care what goes on in between if the GOAT is starting and ending my show. Austin just knows how to ignite a crowd.

Raw was fun. Oddly we had a new feud start with AJ Styles and Cedric Alexander. This was fun as the OC interfered and jumped Cedric with AJ. This unexpectedly led to the Ware Raider making the save. Hanson and Rowe, Erik and Ivar, whatever the hell you want to call them, are incredible to watch. They are another top-notch tag team on this roster. WWE really needs to make a strong push to build the tag division in 2020.

The Four Horsewomen of the WWE threw down in a good ole fashion slobber knocker. Sasha and Bayley against Becky and Charlotte was the match of the night. I really think this match should have been the main event but again…Stonecold.

The Raw side of the King of the Ring finals wrapped up as Baron Corbin, Samoa Joe, and Ricochet squared off in a solid match. Joe was great, Ricochet did his thing, and Corbin wrestled another great match. Yes, I am a fan of Baron Corbin. The dude can go in the ring and if you don’t think so you’re not watching. Corbin got the win and will be in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament at Clash of Champions.

We got another Firefly Fun House with Bray Wyatt. Bray killed this again. He is such an amazing character and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here. Will it be Rollins? Strowman? Or the Undertaker? Check out that clock in the episode of FFH below. The clock ironically is set to the Undertaker’s survivor series debut date.

Elsewhere on Raw, the Rey Mysterio retirement tour continues as he had a match against fellow luchador Gran Metalik. Really good match. Rey won.

Natalya and Lacey Evans. Meh.

The 10 man tag match at the end of the night was alright. Nothing special which is sad with the amount of talent in the ring but again…Stonecold. The War Raiders are so damn fun. It was nice to see them in the match, even if it was just a short stint.

SD Live

This show was very disappointing. From start to finish. Once again the show was rewritten hours before it started and once again this show sucked. From the dull Undertaker segment to the lackluster main event this show simply put sucked.

Undertaker was back for the first time since Extreme Rules. He did his usual schtick. I was disappointed The Fiend didn’t show up but I imagine they’re saving that. Sami Zayn was the one to be fed to the deadman this time around.

The Miz and Andrade squared off one on one. In what should be a good match was just meh. Overshadowed by Nakamura on commentary. Andrade is so damn good and just doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He loses clean again this week. This time to The Miz.

This Nakamura-Miz feud just isn’t doing it for me. IF Nakamura was the face and Miz was the heel this would be a better feud.

Reigns and Rowan had a pretty good fight. Old school. Constantly broken up and restarted. Reigns hit Rowan with 7 superman punches and more. They killed this feud weeks ago. What a shame too because it really had great potential. Reigns will stand tall come Sunday.

In a segment that really angered me, Mandy Rose was in the ring berating Nikki Cross saying how ugly she was, etc. I hated it with Piggy James and I hate it now. Nikki Cross is NOT ugly. With that being said I get the storyline but if your company is anti-bullying what kind of an example is that setting? Cross got the win over Rose.

Bayley would take on Ember Moon. Bayley would win. I can’t wait for the Women’s title matches Sunday.

The Kofi Kingston-Randy Orton feud continued. Kofi ran through their history. It ended with a big drop through a table. A flashback from 10 years ago.

The main event saw Chad Gable take on Shane McMahon. Yes, I said, Shane McMahon. Elias went down with his injury so Shane took his place in the SD Live King of the Ring Finals. KO would be the special guest ref for this match. Shane told him if he reffed it well he would revoke his 100K fine. Gable would beat Shane as KO counted the 1-2-3. Shane restarted the match and basically insinuated he would fire KO if he counted the 3. KO sadly bitched out and obliged to Shane’s requests. He tried to help Shane win. However, Gable locked Shane in an ankle lock and Shane had no choice but to tap out. Shane McMahon in a rage beat down KO from behind and fired him for the 23rd time in the last two years. To say I was disgusted with KO and his antics as ref in the match would be an understatement.

Please check out my show, The King of My Ring, below. In this episode, I cover a bevy of topics including:

  • KO tarnishing himself as a bad with his antics as the ref.
  • King Baron Corbin
  • Where is Drew McIntyre?!?!?!
  • Full Clash of Champions match predictions.