Three Thoughts on the Astros Cheating Debacle

Three Thoughts on the Astros Debacle

1. Crane firing Luhnow will hurt this team for a long long time. The Astros will not find a better GM.

2. It must REALLY suck to be the Dodgers knowing that you lost the World Series two years in a row to teams who were cheating. 

3. I’m not going to assume there are other teams cheating, just don’t cheat. Its that simple. Saying that you have to cheat to keep up with the other cheaters is pretty much what Barry Bonds did with the steroid ordeal and I know how most of you feel about him. One last thing, no matter what happens no one or no event will ever take away the joy we as fans all felt in 2017 winning it all. That moment will always be special.

That’s all my fellow Astros fans, can’t wait for Spring Training!