Time To Change The World: AEW Double Or Nothing Preview

The AEW crew all smiles as they promote Double or Nothing!

Time To Change The World: AEW Double Or Nothing Preview

World Wrestling Entertainment has been the pro wrestling juggernaut for the last 40 years. They turned back the likes of WCW, ECW, TNA, NWA, AWA and any other promotion that tried to scare Vince McMahon and his billion-dollar empire. Fast forward to 2019 and with the abundance of wrestling alternatives, WWE still remains without a significant threat in the world of pro wrestling and sports entertainment…until now.

Former WWE Superstar and son of The late “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, the self-professed “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, along with fellow Elite cohorts, Adam “Hangman” Page, possibly the greatest tag team in the world Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks and one of the biggest draws if not the biggest draw in wrestling today, “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega decided to leave New Japan Pro Wrestling as well as Ring of Honor Wrestling to do something different. To do start something revolutionary.

They wanted to quote “Change The World” …

To change the world, they had to shock the world first…

This occurred when the then Bullet Club promoted their first independent PPV called All In. A show that sold out in under 30 minutes. It was doubted from the very start. People didn’t believe those men could sell out an arena on their own without the backing of a wrestling organization. Yet they proved the world wrong. Not only did these men sell out the Sears Centre in Chicago but their buy rate for the PPV was amazing.

The Main Event of ALL IN featured The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi taking on Rey Mysterio, Fenix, and Bandido. These men put on a show check it out!

That night Cody Rhodes had a vision. He wanted to change how the dichotomy of how wrestling was perceived. He wanted to give the diehard fans more wrestling and less bad entertainment. He wanted to make sure that fans fell in love with pro wrestling again.

So one day, Rhodes, Page and The Bucks announced not only the sequel to ALL IN called Double or Nothing but the start of their new wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling.

The AEW team all smiles as they sign their contracts.

Ever since that day, the wrestling world has been shaken to its core. It’s made smaller wrestling promotions and even the WWE take notice.

Thanks to the backing of Tony Khan, the son of Jacksonville Jaguars billionaire owner Shahid Khan, the new AEW has formulated a roster so far of legends like Chris Jericho and great wrestlers like Pentagon Jr, So Cal Uncensored, Kylie Rae, Britt Baker, Penelope Ford, Cody’s wife and new Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes and the biggest free agent in pro wrestling and friend Kenny Omega among a multitude of fresh new talent. They also announced a new partnership with Mexican based promotion AAA as well as Japanese promotion OWE.

Still AEW was labeled as a t-shirt company, people speculated that this company would never get off of the ground. They had no official date for a weekly television show, no network to have said show on every week to make this into something legitimate…then just a week or so ago, Turner Network Television, the former home of WCW in the 90s and early 2000s, decided to get back into the wrestling business and announced they came to an agreement with AEW to broadcast their weekly show starting this fall on their TNT Drama network.

Now tonight, the first official PPV under the AEW brand, Double or Nothing takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and with a stacked card, AEW has an opportunity to make a supreme statement right away.

Here are my thoughts and predictions on this heavily anticipated night:

The Casino Battle Royale (The Buy-In)

So it was announced a few days ago that the winner of this unique battle royal will face the winner of Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho II, down the line to determine the first AEW Heavyweight Champion. Now the details of the match are quite unique even though the participants haven’t really been named yet.

Apparently, the participants will be split into groups of card suits (meaning hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds). The group who has that particular suit will enter the battle royal first and so on until all of the participants have entered the match.

Now who knows who wins this match but with the amount of movement in the wrestling business and with WWE losing big stars like Dean Ambrose, now back to his old Jon Moxley character, it’s very possible to see the former Lunatic Fringe in this match and signing with All Elite Wrestling afterwards. Hangman Page was due to face PAC at this event but due to PAC’s “creative differences” with the new company, that match was cancelled and took place instead at a local British wrestling event. It’s said Page was injured in that match, but it is still very possible to see him in this match as well.

Prediction: (Due to lack of knowledge on participants) Jon Moxley or Hangman Page

Jon Moxley’s return promo. Will he be making his AEW debut tonight?

Best Friends vs Jack Evans and Angelico

If you want to see a great match that could shock you and please you at the same time, it’s this match. Four wonderful competitors with incredible skills in the ring. Chuckie T and Beretta are entertaining, Angelico is a marvel and Jack Evans can put on a great match. I am calling it the most underrated match on this card.

Angelico is sensational in the ring. If you haven’t seen him before the show he will put on tonight might be worth the price of admission alone.

Prediction: Best Friends

Nyla Rose vs Britt Baker vs Kylie Rae

AEW made history by signing its first transgender wrestler in Nyla Rose. They wanted inclusion not exclusion and I believe this match will be a good showcasing of women’s wrestling. Kylie Rae is wonderful, and Britt Baker is the best. Nyla Rose seems to be intimidating and she’s obviously the favorite but this is one time I don’t bet against the dentist.

Prediction: Britt Baker

Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida, Riho & Ryo Mizunami

Japanese women’s wrestling takes centerstage in this six-woman tag match with AEW’s signing of the legend Aja Kong. I am not familiar with the other women in this match but it’s very hard to bet against any team with Aja Kong.

AJA Kong is one bad bad bad woman!

Prediction: Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura

Sammy Guevara vs. Kip Sabian

Two amazing athletes, two talented young studs. It could be a very entertaining match, but I think Guevara will take the win here.

Prediction: Sammy Guevara

SoCal Uncensored vs. #StrongHearts

I At the AEW rally, Christopher Daniels and SoCal Uncensored decided to challenge three members of their newest partner OWE’s roster. Their opponents will be the #StrongHearts, a mix of Chinese and American stars. And while this match could be really great, I can’t bet against SCU.

Prediction: SoCalUncensored

Cody vs. Dustin

The former Goldust in WWE and the other son of the “American Dream”, Dustin Rhodes decided to end his relationship with WWE after a long 20+ year career. People thought he was retiring since he hadn’t been on WWE TV in a number of months, but once Dustin left WWE officially, his brother Cody decided that he wanted a memorable opponent for AEW’s first big show. So Dustin announces that he will face his brother in the match that was quote “not good enough for WrestleMania”. This may be Dustin’s last run or maybe it isn’t but these two will put on an excellent match.

We’ve come a long long way from here. These men are going to put on a show tonight.

Prediction: Cody

Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers Highlights Part One….You will NOT want to miss this match tonight!

The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Bros for the AAA Tag Team Championship

This match alone is worth the high price to watch the show. Without question, four of the best wrestlers in the world combined to make two of the top tag teams in the entire world. Their matches are such classics to watch. The Bucks make you wonder if gravity exists. The Lucha Bros make you feel confident in saying wrestling is not dead. This is going to be wonderful. If you haven’t bought the show, somehow you got to do it. Your eyes will thank you later.

Prediction: The Young Bucks retain

The Main Event: Alpha vs Omega II: Jericho vs Omega

Two former World Champions. Two of the best in the world.

At New Japan Pro Wrestling’s version of WrestleMania, WrestleKingdom 12, Omega and Chris Jericho fought for the first time ever and these two men put on an absolute classic of a match. You can tell the chemistry was there. The intensity was there, and the storytelling was more than prevalent. On Chris Jericho’s Rockin Rager At Sea, Jericho and Omega once again got their hands on one another. They clashed once again at the AEW rally where Omega was attacked by Jericho. Since then, those two has been at each other’s throats. Now this is far from NJPW, but I believe this has Match of The Year written all over it. Match 1 went to Omega. I believe Match 2 goes to Jericho.

Simply put…these men do not like each other! This is going to be a BATTLE!

Prediction: Chris Jericho

No matter if you are a WWE fan or a fan of another promotion, if you can afford to buy this show, don’t make the mistake of missing this show especially if you missed All In. Give it a chance, give a shot and let’s see if AEW can do the one thing it has promised since Day 1…

To change the world.

J.D. Phillips