Titans & Chargers 2nd Half Recap

3rd quarter

The pass rushers finally decided to show up in the 2nd half for both the Chargers and the Titans. Joey Bosa muscled his way to a sack to stall the Titans’ opening drive. Then Tennessee sacked Rivers on the Chargers first play of the 2nd half. LA’s QB pressure led directly to an interception of Tannehill for the 1st turnover of the game. It was a scoreless 3rd quarter and the score stands at 10-10.

4th quarter

The Titans drove right thru a vanilla soft Chargers defense on a 14-play TD drive, but Cody “Double Doink” Parkey missed the PAT. The score was standing at 16-10 until the Chargers responded with a Field Goal.

On the Titans next drive, they easily went through the Chargers porous defense for their 2nd TD of the 4th quarter. Los Angeles is looking like they’ve given up. Titans jump out to a 23-13 lead.

But out of nowhere, Rivers shows no quit, on a 41-yard perfectly thrown TD bomb to RB Austin Ekeler bringing the score to 23-20.

The Titans are easily running out the clock but on 4th & 1 at the 50, after not stopping Tennessee the whole 4th quarter, the Chargers D miraculously stopped Tannehill on a QB sneak.

Rivers puts his team on his back takes them to the Titan one-yard line. After 3 rushing attempts, RB Melvin Gordon fumbles the ball and it’s recovered by Tennessee. That fumble came with under 30 seconds to go and sealed the Ballgame 23-20.

The Los Angeles Chargers looked disorganized and poorly coached to handle the goalline situation they were in without any timeouts. The Titans seemed to find some magic with Ryan Tannehill at the QB spot.

Robert Soderberg