TNF Preview: Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Another good match-up between two West Coast teams coming off of wins last weekend, while also sharing adversity that they’ve face on the season. Two teams with playoff aspirations and still very alive in the AFC West.

What to watch for:

Shane Steichen V. Paul Guenther: Last week Steichen took over play-calling duties for the Chargers and the Chargers blasted the Packers on tone to 150 Yards on the ground and had a balanced air attack to go along with it but can he keep things going against Paul Guenther’s defense. Guenther has been around the league for years and most notable was the DC for the Bengal’s when they had 5 straight winning seasons now his Raiders defense doesn’t resemble those teams by any means but they play extremely hard and I do believe we will see them play extremely hard against this Chargers offense.

Phillip Rivers V. Derek Carr: I love when we have a QB match-up we can highlight as a focal point. Rivers is a Hall of Famer still playing at a high level and he has seen just about everything in his career. Carr is enjoying a fine season himself considering all the chaos this team has been through during the Gruden era. For me, I believe Carr is the Comeback Player of the Year because he is having a Pro Bowl level season without any big names playing around him.

Josh Jacobs V. Chargers Run-D: Jacobs has been a pleasant surprise for the Raiders and really just an amazing person in general from Homeless to 1st Round NFL Draft pick, expect to hear a lot about him during the game tomorrow just don’t expect to see much from him. This Chargers defense stuffed Aaron Jones and Joe Williams this past weekend essentially making them non-factors and going into the Month of November there wasn’t a better duo than the two.

Chargers Emotions V. Raiders Emotions: Now it’s unheard of we cover anything that affects the mental state of a team going into a Primetime game but we have to here. It was reported coming out of the Owners meeting with the league earlier this week was that there were concerns about the Chargers being able to last in Los Angeles long-time and that the league was heavily considering relocating this team to London all together which lead to the Chargers owner to rip reporters that put out the story but the truth is in all reality the Chargers may be the very first team to be relocated out of the United States. The Raiders on the other hand are playing back in Oakland for the first time since announcing they would be relocating to Las Vegas next year so this should fuel the Raiders to play the best game they can in front of the crowd that has embraced them for all the years. So both teams have plenty to play for outside of their playoff aspirations tomorrow night which makes the game all the more interesting.


With both teams coming off huge wins and being on wild roller coaster rides this season this one is tough but I like what the Chargers have been able to do the past two weeks winning and staying alive the Raiders are still very young but showing a lot of progress this season but I’m going with the Chargers because I believe in them more so long run than I do in the Raiders right now

Patterson: Chargers 28 Raiders 17

King: Chargers 24 Raiders 22

Brant: Chargers 27 Raiders 13