Tony Schiavone-My Childhood Soundtrack!

Growing up on wrestling, not only did you get familiar with the wrestlers, their personas, and over the top characters, but you also grew up on listening to whoever was the commentator. Commentators are responsible for both calling the action and getting storylines over. I like so many grew up on WCW in the South.

One of those prominent voices was the one and only Tony Schiavone. Hearing his voice in interviews brings back so many great memories of WCW weekly programming, where he was the voice and in some cases also an interviewer.

He started with Jim Crockett Promotions, moved to the WWF and then found his home in WCW. It was truly incredible, to hear the excitement and emotion in his voice. Schiavone was an artist with the headset on and the mic in his hand and an underrated all-time great commentator. He has worked with Jim Ross, Bobby The Brain Heenan, and Jesse The Body Ventura, among others. To me, he stood out due to his delivery and balance. He always had a great rhythm and you could always feel the passion running through him. That’s why I refer to him as the soundtrack of my childhood.

I remember watching and listening to Schiavone and dreamt of doing the same thing as him when I grew up. I wanted to commentate on wrestling, football, and baseball.

When WWE bought WCW they also bought Schiavone’s contract. Rather than utilizing the talent, they had in front of them, they let the contract ride out. He then did commentary for the Atlanta Braves organization and the Georgia Bulldogs.

He has recently gotten back to calling wrestling, with MLW and now it looks like he will be working on TNT again this fall, this time calling the matches for AEW Wrestling. This is a huge announcement and a big deal as one of the biggest knocks on AEW thus far has been their announce team. Schivone brings stability to the play by play position and it allows Jim Ross to move over into the analyst role. Schiavone and Excalibur are going to make a dynamic duo for AEW.

Tony is one of those commentators, that had a profound impact on me. If you want to learn about the art of commentary than watch him work.

Tony was an unsung hero of the Monday Night Wars. He was a catalyst in driving the NWO story and really was a key in WCW’s early lead over the WWE in the mid-90s. His absolute utter hate for all things NWO was fantastic and really made you root for WCW.

I can’t wait to listen to Tony every week on my television again. This time telling stories for another company challenging the mighty empire of the WWE.

This man has left a lasting impression on me. He is one of a kind, Tony Schiavone! Thank you.