Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All Time


Welcome to the Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All Time presented by All Everything Entertainment. We are going to start this article off by giving you the Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All Time in a table format and then I will explain my reasoning underneath. Thank you for checking out my Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All Time and feel free to let me know what you all think.

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RANKOffensive GuardsYears PlayedBest SeasonStatistics
1Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeBruce Matthews1983-200119907-time All-Pro, 14-time Pro-Bowler
2Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeJohn Hannah1973-198519807-time All-Pro, 9-time Pro-Bowler
3Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeRandall McDaniel1988-200119987-time All-Pro, 12-time Pro-Bowler
4Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeLarry Allen1994-200719986-time All-Pro, 11-time Pro-Bowler, 1-time Champion
5Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeAlan Faneca1998-201020076-time All-Pro, 9-time Pro-Bowler, 1-time Champion
6Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeGene Upshaw1967-198119775-time All-Pro, 7-time Pro-Bowler, 2-time Champion
7Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeJerry Kramer1958-196819625-time All-Pro, 3-time Pro-Bowler, 5-time Champion
8Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeSteve Hutchinson2001-201220095-time All-Pro, 7-time Pro-Bowler
9Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeWill Shields1993-200620022-time All-Pro, 12-time Pro-Bowler
10Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards of All TimeZack Martin2014-Present20194-time All-Pro, 6-time Pro-Bowler

1. Bruce Matthews

Bruce Matthews played center and a bit of tackle, but Guard was his best position. Matthews was intelligent, athletic, and flexible with good size. He leads all Guards in HOF Monitor (153.23), Career AV (134), Pro Bowls (14), and is tied for the lead in All-Pros (7). Bruce Matthews played an amazing 19 seasons. He played in 296 games, only missing 4, and he started 293 of them.

2. John Hannah

John “The Hog” Hannah is one of the top pulling guards in the history of the NFL. He was around 265 pounds, ran a 4.85 forty, and played about 15 pounds heavier than other guards at that time. Hannah is tied for the most All-Pros (7) for Guards. He never played on a team that won or with a star QB or RB and some hold that against him.

3. Randall McDaniel

Randall McDaniel was the best full-time interior lineman of his era. McDaniel made an appearance in the Pro Bowl a record 12 consecutive times. He had the 2nd highest Career AV (119) and he was a two-time Offensive Lineman of the Year. He only missed 2 games in his career and was as durable as they come.

4. Larry Allen

The tales of Larry Allen stretched far and wide. One was when he was 6-3 325 pounds and ran a 4.85 forty and leaped 30 inches high. He bench pressed over 700 pounds and did 48 reps at 225 pounds in the bench press. Larry made the Pro Bowls in 11 of 14 seasons. Allen averaged less than 3.5 penalties per season and was a true Mauler.

5. Alan Faneca

I have Alan Faneca a little higher on this list than most. I mean he only had 4 holding penalties in his career. Yes, he struggled with false starts, but still only averaged 2 penalties per season. He was solid in every aspect of blocking. He was named to the 2000s all-decade team and was voted the NFL’s Offensive Lineman of the Year twice by the NFL Alumni.

6. Gene Upshaw

When thinking of Gene Upshaw, most think of him as the NFLPA Executive Director. However, Upshaw was one of the better pulling guards. Speed and quickness was his trade but it was his ferocious attitude that was his greatest asset. 

7. Jerry Kramer

Jerry Kramer was another classic pulling guard and a major piece in the Lombardi Sweep. He was finally accepted into the Hall of Fame after some political backlash by the media. If you haven’t checked out his book, Instant Replay, then you are missing out on great work. Kramer has the most Championships (5) out of all players on this list.

8. Steve Hutchison

Steve Hutchison was only called for 9 holding penalties in his career and only 10 false starts. That’s less than 2 penalties per season on average. Hutchison has the ability to pull and trap as well as anchoring in pass protection. He has blocked for both Adrian Peterson and Shaun Alexander. Before suffering an injury in 2010, was a first-team All-Pro for a staggering 7 consecutive seasons.

9. Will Shields

Will Shields never missed a game during his 14-season career and his 224 games played and 223 starts are still Chiefs records. In his 14 seasons, he averaged less than 2 penalties per season. His 12 Pro Bowls are only behind Bruce Matthews and he is tied with Randall McDaniel. Shields doesn’t get as much praise as others on this by the media.

10. Zack Martin

Many people might look at this and believe it is too soon to label Martin as a Top 10 Offensive Guard of All Time. But when I look at what Martin has become, he simply is the best Guard in the league right now. He is averaging less than 3 penalties per season and has only been called for 1 holding penalty in the last 3 seasons.

Honorable Mentions:

Welcome to the Honorable Mention segment of the Top 10 NFL Offensive Guards Of All Time. My first honorable mention is Larry Little. He was a 1st team All-Pro 5 different times and was key to the back to back Superbowls by the Miami Dolphins.

Marshal Yanda is a current player who almost made the Top 10 list. Yanda has been a stalwart on the Ravens offensive line. He is a 2-time All-Pro and 8-time Pro Bowler.

Mike Munchak would have made this list had he not been so injury-prone. He only played a full 16 game season in half of his 12 seasons. He is a 2-time All-Pro and 8-time Pro Bowler.

Jim Parker could have easily made this list. He played both Guard and Tackle in his career and was elite at both. Parker made my Top 10 OT and wanted to give the space to other players.

Russ Grimm was the final option for my Top 10 list. Grimm had an outstanding career with the Redskins. He was a 3-time All-Pro, 3-time Champion, and 4-time Pro Bowler.

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