Top 10 Royal Rumble Match Winners Ever

Top 10 Royal Rumble Match Winners Ever

Note: This is my opinion don’t get offended by this!

Written By: Yash Raj Singh

10: Brock Lesnar (2003) Entering at No. 29, Lesnar eliminated the biggest fish in the pond, The Undertaker to win his first and only Rumble match.

9: The Rock (2000) Entering at No. 24, The Rock dominated the Rumble match with his electric moves. He eliminated Big Show to win the Rumble.

8: Ric Flair (1992) Entering at No. 3, he chopped the heck out of every wrestler who stepped in the ring and in the end he eliminated Psycho Sid with a bit of help from Hulk Hogan.

7: Shawn Michaels (1995) Entering at No. 1 is a very scary position for any WWE superstar but HBK lasted the duration of the match. He last eliminated The British Bulldog to win this magical Royal Rumble match.

6: Stone Cold Steve Austin (1998) Entering at No. 24, Stone Cold win his second consecutive Royal Rumble match by eliminating The Rock at the end.

5: Chris Benoit (2004) This may be very very surprising for many of you but coming into the match first and winning it is quite impressive. Especially the way he eliminated Big Show for the win. #RIPChrisBenoit

4: Randy Orton (2017) Entering at No. 23, no one expected Orton to win this Rumble match. It was clear that Roman vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania was clearly happening. However, he did and he won it “Outta Nowhere.”

3: Rey Mysterio (2006) Entering at No. 2, the biggest underdog in WWE ever won it by last eliminating Randy Orton. I consider it No. 3 because Mysterio has always been an underrated superstar and winning a Royal Rumble match and staying in for over an hour-long is no small feat.

2: Edge (2010) I think you know him…No one can deny the fact that Edge coming in at No. 29 and winning the Rumble was one of the greatest moments in Rumble history. I mean the pop he got when his music hit was insane. The shock element was fantastic and maybe this Sunday you again will get to hear…”You Think You Know Me.”

1: John Cena (2008) No one can deny the fact that this was an unforgettable comeback at 2008’s Royal Rumble match. Cena coming back from injury was a complete shock and the crowd ate it up. When his music hit that arena was rocking. It was an unforgettable moment in my childhood.

Maybe this year’s Royal Rumble match brings many surprises for us. There are few spots left in the Men’s Royal Rumble match. Now WWE has to figure out how they will maintain the balance of NXT superstars and legends making their returns.

Enjoy the show on Sunday, I know I will.