The Top 30 Comic Book Movies of All Time


30. Blade

Wesley Snipes stars as our titular hero Blade. He was and is the first African American to star in a comic book movie as the lead.

29. Man Of Steel

After the terrible dumpster fire that was Superman Returns, we get this version starring Henry Cavill. Cavill was a great choice and he was made for this role! Henry delivered an All-Star performance as Superman in Man Of Steel. Highly Underrated.

28. Hellboy 2

Director GDT comes back to the helm for the Hellboy franchise. In doing so he delivers us arguably the most underrated performance in a comic book film.

27. Batman Returns

This Tim Burton version with Michael Keaton as Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and the great Danny Devito as the Penguin….you got an amazing cast.

26. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Comic Book Movies

Director James Gunn had the privilege and tough task to deliver another hit after the huge blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy Vol one. Gunn Delivered!!!

25. X- Men

X- Men was finally brought to life and it was a hit with audiences. Director Singer brought us a true group of hero’s to the big screen. We also were introduced to the greatest actor to play a hero at this time, Hugh Jackman, as The Wolverine.

24. Deadpool 2

Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds had to bring us a sequel to the successful Deadpool. It didn’t capture the magic the first one had, but it still was an all-time great. The addition of X Force and Cable was a brilliant move. Ryan Reynolds was made for Deadpool and he showed us again why.

23. X- Men First Class

After the garbage fest that was X- Men the Last Stand, we got a reboot or so we thought. A prequel of how the X Men started. Absolutely perfect choice with James McAvoy as Professor X and Micheal Fassbender as Magneto. This movie hit all the marks that we all needed as fans.

22. Spider Man (2002)

Director Sam Rami brought us the webhead to the silver screen. This movie was impeccable. ZOne of the most underrated performances for a villain was William Defoe as The Green Goblin. Tobey McGuire is still the goat when it comes to play Spider-Man. Don’t @ me.

21. Blade 2

Mr. Snipes is back as Blade and this sequel hit all the categories you would want. It was the only franchise brave enough to have an R rating throughout its series of when it was released. This movie worked so well and gave us an absolutely crazy ending sequence.

20. X- Men Days Of Future Past

Matthew Vaughn had to leave this project and in came the new, and familiar face director Bryan Singer. Singer gave us a conclusion to the original conclusion instead of the X Men The Last Stand conclusion. Thank God. This was a true comic book movie and gave us Quicksilver with his amazing sequences.

19. Spider-Man Homecoming

Marvel finally made a deal with Sony and was able to bring Spider-Man to the MCU for the first time ever in the history of cinema. This movie crushed all expectations and then some. After the trash of The Amazing Spider-Man, 2 we got a Spider-Man movie that didn’t give us his origin story, and just delivered a hit thanks to Marvel for being included. Micheal Keaton’s version of the villain was one of the best in MCU as well.

18. The Dark Knight Returns 

Comic Book Movies

Christopher Nolan had a challenge and that challenge was if he could reciprocate what the Dark Knight did. Oh yeah without Heath Ledger too. I believe Nolan did the best he could with what he was dealt with. A great story. The first and second acts were great in my eyes but the twist is what people had the true struggle with. The ending, and conclusion was not beneficial for most fans. But I don’t care I loved every second of this film and I don’t ever believe anyone can touch what Nolan left us. Tom Hardy as Bane will always be in my Hall of Fame of villains being portrayed.

17. The Incredibles

Comic Book Movies

Who would think that Pixar and Disney could deliver an animated superhero movie, and make it as gigantic as The Incredibles became? Just a great movie overall. Graphics, storyline, and just everything. Pixar always delivers.

16. Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan was given a chance to make Batman great again. For the first time we got a look into the origins of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Christian Bale was tasked to play the detective and to this day people have him as the best actor to ever play Batman. This film was a surprise hit for many, but it was just another notch on The belt for one of the greatest directors of all time.

15. Thor Ragnarok

The Thor movie series had been a dud, the weakest of the original Avengers who have solo movies. After Dark World, incompetence story-wise, and outside drama in the making of that film people had no faith in Thor. Then Ragnarok came, it saw, and it conquered, and it is regarded as a top 10 Marvel movie in its entirety. The addition of The Hulk helped a lot, but we finally got to see Chris Hemsworth act and be funny. We saw more than one arc with Hemsworth. Thor finally became super powerful. The comedic hits were awesome and the fight sequences were arguably one of the best in the MCU.

14. Black Panther 

We finally got to witness Wakanda and it was spectacular. Black Panther was visually stunning. The story was good, not great but Michael B Jordan’s performance as Killmonger is the absolute best performace of any actor portraying a villain in MCU History. This movie will stand the test of time as almost all Marvel movies will but this is absolutely one of the best.

13 X- Men 2 

Bryan Singer came back with a vengeance in this masterful piece. Total non stop action. Wolverine shines as he should in every X Men movie. The special effects with Nightcrawler at the White House were jaw dropping. CGI was unstoppable. Story was pure dominance. This was when X- Men was at the top of their game.

12. Logan

Hugh Jackman announced this was his last time as Wolverine. with director James Mangold back at the helm and also gambling on an R rating for the first time in its history, everything was a risk. Did it payoff or what? We got the greatest performance ever in comic book movie history in my opinion. We knew Wolverine’s fate in this film, and it ended brilliantly. Nothing short of a thank you to Hugh Jackman and what he has given us as Wolverine for almost 20 years.

11. Captain America Civil War

Comic Book Movies

The Russo’s were tapped to direct this film and it was basically the Avengers 2.5! We got a sensational film. The introduction of Spider-Man and Black Panther was beautifully done. The story was masterful and we got the greatest scene with the airport fight. A lot of character arcs were revealed as well as secrets of the past.

10. Avengers Endgame

The ultimate conclusion of 11 years of MCU films came to this. The third act alone is why this movie is number 10. I believe it left too many plot holes and it dragged way too much. This film was fantastic if you are a true Marvel fan because it gave you what you wanted. This was strictly all about the original Avengers from 2012 and gave us a conclusion to almost all of their stories. We finally get to hear Cap say “Avengers Assemble.”

9. Iron Man

Marvel took a risk and if this didn’t work out we would of never of gotten the Avengers, and other Marvel movies after this. Iron man! With Iron Man, they laid out all their chips on the table and even went on a limb with Robert Downey Jr, as their hero, thanks to director Jon Favreau. This was the best origin movie throughout the MCU and the special effects were out of this world when it came out in 2008.

8. Spider-Man 2

One of the better comic movie films. Tobey Maguire kills it again in this sequel to his original Spider-Man film. Alfred Molina as Dr. Octopus is sensational. A must watch film. The train scene though. Director Sam Rami was on top of his game.

7. Deadpool

After fighting with studios, fighting more, director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds got their Deadpool movie back from developmental hell. It’s a super hero movie that breaks the fourth wall and has a very hard R rating. Comedic genius was what this movie was about. Blind AL is one of the most memorable side characters of all time. This was also released on Valentine’s Day. Higher the risk, higher the reward! Also, this movie became the highest earning R rated film of all time.

6. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 1

Comic Book Movies

Marvel announced that this film was going to be a part of Phase 2 and people were left scratching their heads. Then when Chris Pratt was cast as Starlord, people said why even watch this? Director James Gunn and this awesome cast showed people why anything Marvel touches turns to gold. If GOTG isn’t proof then I don’t know what is. A not well known comic and it turned into a juggernaut of a movie and franchise on its own.

5. 300

This is Zack Snyder’s beauty and the finest film in his collection. This movie was nuts and went across lines that no other comic book movie has ever done. Gore, war, nonstop action, and a complete badass in Gerard Butler as the lead.

4. Captain America The Winter Soldier

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This was the Russo’s first film to direct for Marvel. This was also the first film to have espionage as its central core of their story. We see the demise of the Shield and our hero Captain America in the mix of it all. A well-blended story with the absolute best action scenes between Cap and the Winter Soldier. We also got the introduction of Falcon. The elevator scene though….should I continue?

3. Avengers

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Joss Whedon, we need you to make the Avengers movie spectacular and mesmerizing. Isn’t that the guy who did Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Yep, but he made the MCU future brighter than ever with his touch on this movie. We have seen the X Men and the Fantastic Four before but this was on a whole different level and it came through on so many different phases. We got action, drama, and so many great one-liners. We basically got war and a third act that all of us will never forget. Hulk Smash!

2. Avengers Infinity War

Comic Book Movies

This was it. The introduction of Thanos. We have been waiting for this for 10 years and it was well worth the wait. The Mad Titans against the Avengers was everything we could dream of as fans. The ending sucked the air out of the theater. This film is forever untouchable!!

1. The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins was awesome but can you top it? Yeah I got this. Give me Heath Ledger as the Joker and watch what I can do. Did Nolan and Ledger give us everything you could want in a comic book film? Oh yes he did!!! Heath won an an Oscar for his performance as the Joker, a performance that is the greatest ever in comic book movies and will never be duplicated or overcome in the future. The Dark Knight flipped you so many times and the storytelling was an epic achievement on its own. I still watch this Nolan series every year because it’s absolutely stunning every time I watch it…..especially The Dark Knight!

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