Toto- A Legendary American Band

The Band started back in 1977 in Los Angeles, California. They were all session musicians. It started with Jeff Porcaro and David Paich, Jeff’s younger brother, Steve Porcaro, and Steve Lukather. Childhood friends who met in school, and played together in different local bands.

Toto members played with Boz Scaggs and Steely Dan, among many other well-known artists and bands. Bassist, David Hungate played on a lot of the same sessions with David Paich and Jeff Porcaro and he was added to the band. Now the last step was to find a lead singer.

They had a vision where they wanted to take the band and they brought that vision to life, much to the delight of America. They added Bobby Kimball as their lead vocalist and now Toto has their full lineup. Jeff Porcaro was on drums, with David Paich on keyboard while Steve Lukather was on the guitar. Now with David Hungate on bass, and Bobby Kimball as lead singer the band Toto was assembled.

Toto released their first album that featured Child’s Anthem and I’ll Supply the Love. They soon found their music on the radio. After finding success and rising up the charts they released their second album Hydra. Then in 1981, Toto put out their album Turn Back, which featured English Eyes and Goodbye Elenore. Then the following Year in 1982, Toto found even more mainstream success with Toto IV. That album featured huge hit songs, Rosanna, I Won’t Hold Back, and Africa. This album got Toto multiple Grammy nominations and Grammy wins.

Because of this Toto was in high demand. They were featured on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, which was huge, produced by the great Quincy Jones. They were featured on The Girl is Mine and Beat It.

Then, of course, they were busy touring and promoting their albums. throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. The World knew Toto. Toto IV gave them global success. David Hungate focused on building the band’s presence from the studio as he did not want to tour. Jeff and Steve Porcaros’ brother Mike, who also played bass, joined the band and appeared in the Rosanna and Africa music videos.

In 1984 we saw them come out with their fifth album, Isolation, where new lead vocalist, Fergie Frederiksen debuted Angel, Don’t Cry Carmen and Stranger In Town. In 1986 they welcomed another new lead singer, this time Joesph Williams, the son of famed composer John Williams. Williams provides the vocals for Till The End, Without Your Love, and I’ll Be Over You on the album Fahrenheit.

In 1988 Toto was back with the album The Seventh One Album. It had hit songs, Pamela, and Stop Loving You.

Toto is the epitome of a great American band, and they will forever go down as legends of the music industry.