Trick (2019) is now on Hulu


Last years Halloween favorite Trick is now on Hulu.

This movie is a great one to add to your list of films for the Halloween season.

The movie takes place on Halloween night where a disturbed teenager brutally murders some of his classmates at a Halloween party and then is supposedly killed. That senior was Patrick “Trick” Weaver who is playing spin the bottle at a Halloween party using a knife with “TRICK” and “TREAT” carved into opposite sides of the handle when it lands on another boy.

The other players tease him, telling him to kiss the other boy. Trick grabs the knife and stabs five teens to death before being stabbed with a fire poker. During police interviews, Troy states that he stabbed him with the poker but the students provide contradictory descriptions of Trick’s appearance. No one has ever met Trick’s parents, Trick’s registered address turns out to be a dockyard, and the two-faced pumpkin mask that Trick was wearing at the party disappears from evidence. Each year after that, he resurfaces on Halloween and continues to kill. A few of the survivors begin to believe that he has become some type of supernatural boogeyman, but one detective played by Omar Epps believes something larger and more sinister is at play.

This horror-thriller is bloody from start to finish and it has a lot of kills throughout and a nice twist towards the end.

I definitely want to recommend this old school slasher flick. Trick also stars veteran actor Tom Atkins and Jamie Kennedy.

Trick is now available on Hulu and Amazon.

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