WandaVision-We Need to be Ready for Scarlet Witch

We have ‘WandaVision’ coming soon. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, except one of the main characters is already dead. So that raises the question, how is he in this show if he is already dead?

Unlike everyone else killed and brought back in Infinity War, he was killed by something other than the snap. That means he was not back from the unsnap. It is possible that he gets repaired by Shuri, Black Panther’s little sister. Of course, now that she was brought back. This can attribute several changes about him and also depower him a bit. He no longer has the mind stone.

Something like that, him being saved because he is a droid, is the most likely culprit. Knowing who Scarlet Witch is in the comics makes me curious if Disney is crazy enough to touch into her more powerful and darker tones. For me to explain that I have to dive more into her real comic book origins.

One of the only things that survived the transition to the big screen about her family is her brother. Her brother is Quicksilver and is currently dead in the MCU. Her mother and father are briefly mentioned in Age of Ultron, but nothing else. After a brief stint working with Ultron, her and her brother side with the avengers. Shortly after we see her becoming an official member, until the events in Civil War.

In comics, her father is Erik Lenshirr, aka Magneto. She started out as a member of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and worked with her dad. After some soul searching, she and her brother also joined the Avengers. During that time she fell in love with Vision and they had kids. Going to let you figure that one out.

Things are going goodish. At least as good as can be for a superhero. Even a retired one as her and Vision did leave the Avengers for a while. Things did go sideways when a lot of really bad things happened in rapid succession. The one that broke the camel’s back was the death of her father.

Wanda’s powers are only kinda explained in the movies. “She does freaky stuff with her mind.” Is the only answer we got and the cliff notes version. In the Ultimates she is described as “A mutant that can control the odds.” We even see her in the movies thrashing Thanos with what looks liked amped up Telekinesis. In the main universe for Marvel, 616, that is not the extent of her power.

She is called ‘The Scarlet Witch’ for a reason. When her father died she created what was called ‘M Day’. In short, she rewrote reality so that not only did her father not die, but he achieved his dream. I am going to repeat that as it seems like a big deal. Not only did she bring someone back to life and several people at that, but she rewrote all of existence so that her father had won.

In this reality, he was not some mad king, but a benevolent ruler. In the end, no one could undo what she did. No one had the power or ‘juice’ to do it. They thought killing him again would fix everything. Instead, she brought him back on the spot. It took Magneto to convince her to put everything back.

She did, but she said one last thing before hiding from the world for a long time. “No More Mutants.” That was not a blank statement, as the world suddenly lost 99% of its mutant population. No new mutants were born for around 2 years. The first known child born with the X gene was Hope Summers. The daughter to Scott Summers (Cyclops) and the White Queen.

There were a lot of repercussions and they go beyond the scope of this article. So I recommend reading the source material. The important message I want to leave you with is, never underestimate Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch. In every version, she shows up and reminds us not too.

The Ultimates universe has my favorite version of this. Don’t get me wrong I love her moment in Endgame, this one I enjoy just a little more. In the Ultimates, which is another universe written by Mark Millar. For most of it, the question of Thor being a god was left in the air. Some suggested he was a mutant that had gone insane. He was still a part of the team because he was too powerful to not be kept close.

One day a rep from the European Union shows up and starts to explain Thor’s time as a mortal. That he was a doctor who stole equipment that was meant to create Europe’s own super-soldier. A belt that granted enhanced strength and a hammer that let him control thunder. With few careful words, the Avengers turned and stripped Thor of his belt and hammer. Not long after he disappears from his containment cell.

During his confinement, he appears insane. Talking to a ‘Loki’ no one can see. After a fight with an evil group of Anti Avengers, the truth is revealed. The ‘Doctor’ who had revealed the ‘truth’ about Thor had been Loki all along. He even went into detail explaining how he tricked everyone. Loki succeeds in defeating the rest of the team. The last one standing is Scarlet Witch.

She starts to charge up. Loki is floating over the battlefield and says, “You are a mutant who can control probability. I am the God of Mischief. What can you possibly do against me?”

To which she replies, “increase the chance of someone showing up who can.” Red Lightning starts racing through the sky as Thor descends from the sky. Loki is not smiling anymore.

If you had to take away one thing from this article is this, under no circumstance should you underestimate the potential of a story with her. She has defeated gods and rewritten reality. Was even able to hold her own against the Phoenix Force. We should be very interested in any Wanda Vision show.