Warframe: Awesome Free Game

Back on March 25, 2013, a little known game was released. It started on PC and now exists on just about every system in use. It is on PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. So you can play it on whatever you want and it comes at the remarkably low price of free. You do not pay a dime to play the game.

“Ninja’s Play for free.” Is the game’s normal catchphrase.

In the game you assume the form of a Tenno. Sorry, not going to tell you much about them as it is explored in the main story and I do not want to do spoilers. Most of the time you do see yourself inside a Warframe. Each Warframe represents your class. With different health, armor, energy, and abilities.

Warframes can range from anything you can imagine with new ones coming out all the time. You can get most of them from beating certain bosses or doing certain side story missions. So you can start as some kind of swordmaster then become a gunslinger kind of character. Which as an added note your Warframe does not determine what weapons you can use, just which abilities feed into them.

You take this Warframe to a galaxy of conflict. Fighting several different factions as they fight to take over the world, or consume it. Your character is not some lowly peon though, to everything else you are a creature of legend. Something that had been put to sleep millennium ago and you remind them why as you move through the battlefield.

You can launch yourself through the battle firing your shotgun, assault rifle, bow, pistol, rocket launcher or whatever you want. After you’ve had your fun with that switch to your swords, staves, or even a gunblade, because why not. All while pursuing different goals by yourself, with friends or a pickup games with new friends.

Each new challenge something you can push yourself too, and every new item something you want to try out. That new Warframe that allows you to steal life from your enemies and use their blood as a weapon. That other one that jumps between dimensions so that enemies can’t fight you unless you want them too.

All of the content they have released, minus cosmetic stuff, is free. You can earn anything they have released into the game. Somethings take minimal effort. However, some of them you feel that you have earned once you get it. Those items sometimes taking several runs on the same mission to get the proper supplies to build said items.

Now there is something I would be negligent if I did not mention. There is something you can buy to speed up your progress or instantly unlock stuff. It is the in-game currency called Platinum. This site is clearly meant for people who have more money than time. The money that you spend on this goes back into them creating more content that is free.

What makes their in-game currency any different than all the others? The very simple answer is that you can trade it. You can get Platinum by earning rarer items in the game and trading it away.

The long and short of it is that Warframe is probably one of the best games I have played. I have periods of time where I stop, but only to come back after a couple of months, just to see the new content they have given me. It is a game I always keep an ear open to see what they are doing.

So give it a try.