Washington Redskins Mock Draft #2

Welcome to the 2nd Edition mock draft of the Washington Redskins from AEE. This mock draft will be slightly different than other mock drafts you have read. In this mock draft, I will be using the Fanspeak.com simulator. Here is how the simulator works:

  • 1. Select the team you’d like to draft for. 
  • 2. Select how many rounds you’d like to draft. 
  • 3. Select your big board. 
  • 4. Select your set of Team Needs. 
  • 5. Select your Pick Order. 
  • 6. Select the level of Difficulty. Choosing “Difficult” will make the algorithm tighter (players won’t fall as far). 
  • 7. Make your picks for your team while the simulator chooses for the other 31 teams based on the best player available and updated team needs.

The Washington Redskins have picks in every round except for the 2nd round and the 6th. In this mock draft, there will not be any trades and I will be choosing players based on who is available during the draft. This mock, I will be using the Walter Football 2020 Draft rankings as the big board for my draft. I am using the user voted team needs and the Classic setting.

Now that I have explained the rules of the mock draft, lets begin!

Round 1 Pick 2: Chase Young DE

This is the easiest choice in the entire draft. There is no one else I would even consider at this spot. Chase Young is the best player in this draft, according to almost everyone, he is the easy choice in this spot. Even if trades were allowed, I believe that Young is a talent that the Redskins haven’t had in a long time and he should be the pick. Young dominates every snap with an explosive first step and wins with power, speed, and smarts. He’s regularly double-teamed — and it doesn’t matter. He moves like a defensive back in space but has some of the best hands in college, to thwart pass blockers who are trying to slow him up.

Round 3 Pick 2: Cole Kmet TE

I was pleasantly surprised to see Kmet still here at the beginning of the 3rd round. Kmet is seen as one of the best receiving tight ends to come out of the 2020 draft. Some rankings even has him as the best tight end to come out of the 2020 draft. I was looking at AJ Terrell and Bryce Hall at this spot but really liked that Kmet fell this far. He is the perfect replacement for Jordan Reed, who was just released.

According to The Draft Network, “Kmet is a smooth athlete and, although not the most explosive player, displays a significant size advantage in the middle of the field. Kmet will need to continue to improve upon his blocking and balance at the point of attack but has the frame and functional mobility/strength to be a plus blocker with more consistency on this front. Should be a starter in a traditional TE role with some time to develop.” 

Round 4 Pick 2: Troy Pride CB

Pride would fill a big need as an outside corner in the Redskins defensive backfield. Pride is an ultra scrappy player that would be able to fill in across from Quinton Dunbar and provide some stability.

According to the Draft Network, “Troy aligns as an outside corner for the Fighting Irish defense. He has sufficient overall athleticism. He uses his size and length effectively in the passing game. He does an excellent job in zone coverage due to his length, instincts, and propensity to get his hands on the football. In press/man, he usually implores a soft press technique and does a good job of staying on top. When the balls in the air he doesn’t panic and demonstrates sufficient ball skills. In off man, he demonstrates good feet and hips. He does a good job of staying in phase, finding the football in the air and making a play. He should remain as an outside corner on 3rd downs, as well.”

Round 4 pick 38: Malik Harrison LB

I have Harrison as a top 7 LB in the draft this season and was shocked to see him still sitting in the queue at this point in the draft. Harrison was a key contributor to the Buckeye defense and was a true Senior and leader on that defense. He will fill a need in the middle of the Redskins defense and is someone that will be a sure tackler.

According to the Draft Network, “Big, physical linebacker that can actually play through contact. Does well to leverage his gap and play into the line of scrimmage. Has plenty of pop in his hands and length to stack and shed blocks. Hand placement is excellent taking on contact. Navigates well through traffic and even plugs blockers back into gaps. Generally a secure tackler with good hitting power and contact balance. Effective blitzer that executes with good timing and effort. Competes with urgency and he charges hard in pursuit. Has the ability to defend short zones and his length is an asset for clogging throwing windows. Proven special teams contributor. Has good mobility and range for a taller quarterback. Ohio State has played him at all three linebacker spots.”

Round 5 Pick 2: Julian Blackmon SAF

I like Blackmon this deep into the draft. He was converted from a corner to safety in his final season in Salt Lake City. Blackmon posses good range and ball skills. He would be a good guy to pair with Landon Collins at the back end of the Redskins defense.

According to PFF, “Blackmon was a corner for his first three years at Utah before switching to safety as a senior and putting up a career year. He earned an 88.7 coverage grade in 2019 as he racked up four picks and five more pass breakups. What was most impressive to me about his play this season was how little he looked like a corner playing safety. He has a pass breakup against Washington State earlier this year where he had to split two vertical routes as a deep safety in Cover-2. Most corners struggle to be patient in a situation like that, but Blackmon waited until he knew where the ball was going to break on the targeted receiver.”

Round 7 pick 2: Denzel Mims WR

Again, I want it known that I am only choosing players that are available in the queue and not just picking players out of thin air. I believe there is no chance that Mims falls to the 7th round but he was in this mock draft and so he is going to get taken quickly here. Mims is a huge body with a wide catch radius and decent speed for his size. I think Mims can contribute from the 1st week and has solid upside.

According to the Draft Network, “A steady producer for Baylor since 2017, Mims offers intriguing potential as an X or Z receiver in the NFL. For a team searching for physicality, catch radius and ball skills to round out its receiver corps, Mims is an ideal target. With that said, there is room for Mims to grow as a route runner and develop overall consistency with his technique. His natural athleticism provides optimism that he can develop. If he reaches his potential, Mims has the upside to start and be a highly productive weapon for an NFL offense.”

Round 7 Pick 15: Scott Frantz OT

According to the Draft Network, “Experienced three-year starter for the Wildcats. Tons of strength in his upper body gives him power in his initial punches. Will knock defensive lineman off-balance with the violence he displays. Defenders will struggle to keep their shoulders square to the line of scrimmage because of Frantz’s heavy hands. Physicality is a weapon in run blocking and protection. Awareness to find work when there is no outside rush, and will bring heat with it. Rolls his hips effortlessly which allows him to anchor while he gains leverage. Shown the ability to stop the charge of defensive lineman and then finish them.”