Watchmen Episode 2 Recap and Predictions for Episode 3 and the Rest of the Season

Watchmen Episode 2 Recap and Predictions for Episode 3 and the Rest of the Season

Like a wave gathering in a storm, the tension in Watchmen is reaching a crescendo that can only end with it washing away everything in its path. Episode 2 dropped some bombshells that we were all waiting for. With the anger rising and retaliation building for the police commissioner Judd’s death, we were all waiting to see what would happen. Some brilliant easter eggs are scattered in this episode. Like in Nixonville where everyone supports the old flag. The flag that just has 50 stars on it and not the new 51 starred flag that is supported by the rest of the nation. The last star being added because Dr. Manhattan helped win the Vietnam war and made Vietnam our newest state. The paparazzi that are called, “moths” fly in on mechanical wings and bother crime scenes. They are to be swatted out of the sky for getting to close. The police seemed to take great joy in this with severe beatings after they get a couple to the ground. We also get a good look at the cause of this war that the 7th Kalvary and the law have found themselves in. 

“The White Night.” This takes place when the Seventh Kalvary got addresses for all police officers and attacked them in their homes on Christmas Eve. Only a few survived, one being the police commissioner Judd and our heroine Angela AKA “Sister Night”. Banding together they seem to fight the good fight to save the city until she finds out he has a Seventh Kalvary costume hidden in his room. Mysteries that lead to more mysteries. 

There is also a great conversation at the beginning where Angela is interrogating a seemingly fragile old man named Will Reeves. There are the best clues for the series so far. After talking about and almost predicting Judd’s death, Angela has very little patience for his cryptic answers. One being “I could be anyone, I could be Dr. Manhattan.” This is huge because I think that he is correct. I believe the big blue will be a character that we’ve been watching the whole time. Someone in the background, like Rorshach was in the comic. He eludes to the fact that she has no clue about what’s really going on. Which I think is true. I think someone, maybe Ozymandias is stirring trouble to distract away from a more sinister plot. 

Ozymandias being played brilliantly by Jeremy Irons really steals the show this week. Putting his talents on display while baring his complete lack of empathy. We are shown his castle and explains that odd moment from last week’s episode when a servant offered him a horseshoe to cut the cake. Now we know, his servants seem to be clones. Creatures that Ozy has no remorse in dispatching in even the most brutal of ways. In this instance burning one alive for a play. In his words,” When is a lie not a lie? When it’s acting.” A preparation for things to come. The foreshadowing of another lie to the planet to save it.  Can this mean that a repeat can be seen from the world’s smartest man? I also like seeing his obsession with Dr. Manhattan in this scene. Which makes all the more sense. He is unrivaled on Earth, but not the galaxy. Can we expect a showdown between these two again? Only time will tell to see if the world is worth saving and by who.