We Don’t Need Him- Melvin Gordon Demands a Trade If He’s Not Paid

Reports are out this morning that Melvin Gordon wants a new contract or will demand a trade.  Well, Tom Telesco, it’s time to see what you’re really made of. TT is the draft king, getting steals all over the board.  However some of his contracts and extensions are questionable, let’s not make this another one.

Melvin Gordon cant stay on the field. He’s only gotten through one season with 16 games.  I’m sorry Gordon, but we’re trying to play in 19 games this year, 12 is not going to cut it.  Gordon did have a breakout year last year with a 5.0 yard per carry, but we’ve carried this guy with a sub 4.0 ypc for far too long.  You don’t just get to decide one morning you’re worth more money and demand it.

No sir, we carried him when everyone said he was a reach.  We carried him when everyone said he was a bust. And he thinks he’s gonna jump to the front of the line for a new contract. Touchdown Tom needs to put him in his place and remind him that RB is the most replaceable position on the field.  This offense goes through Philip Rivers not Melvin Gordon. How were we on 3rd/4th and 1 last year? Not good. When the other team knew we were gonna run, we couldn’t get the job done. And now that same back wants a raise? When we still have another full year under contract.  No way.

How would Bill Belichek handle this situation? That’s easy.  He’d ship that guy off to the worst team in the league. Did it with Seymour, did it with Collins.  We put you in a position to succeed, not the other way around. We’re trying to win championships and you just want to get paid.  No sir, you need to wait your turn like everyone else. The Chargers are very tight on Salary Cap the next few years. Yes, there’s tons of money, but not enough to sign all these superstars we have.  So TT, again, set the tone for this organization and tell him winning is the most important thing. He either plays the contract out or trade his ass to the Dolphins. Hey Ballage in return, he’s pretty good.  

Let’s see what Mr, Telesco does from here.  If he caves into him, it’s gonna set a precedent for Joey Bosa, for Rivers, Ingram, King, all of these guys with contracts coming up.  Set the tone, ship his ass out of here, grab and extra pick or two. Had Melvin waited his turn, I’d be singing a much different tune. We’re certainly a better team with him than without him.  But when the players start calling the shots, it sets a very bad precedent that will ruin this team’s shot at winning a Super Bowl. We have a window here that could stay open for a few seasons, or it can slam shut with just a couple of bad contracts.  Let’s not let that happen.

Charger fans, do you agree with me?