Wednesday Night Wars: Full AEW Dynamite and NXT 12/5/19 Ratings, Results, Review, Highlight Videos, Podcast, and More

The ratings are in!!! Both brands did great on Wednesday night. However, it was AEW slightly pulling ahead by a mere 6,000 views. AEW saw 851,000 households while NXT saw 845,000. This was a 28 percent uptick from last week for AEW and a 4 percent increase for NXT. That’s fantastic. Wrestling is back and it has never been better. The competition is in the air. Both NXT and AEW delivered great shows on Wednesday and the numbers reflect what our eyes told us. Tyler and I couldn’t decide a winner between the two shows as I (Tim King) feel NXT got the win while Tyler felt it was AEW. So we are just going to chalk it up to a win for wrestling fans!

AEW Dynamite Results And Review

Well, wrestling fans AEW Dynamite came to us live from Champaign, Illinois, at the University of Illinois. The show kicks off with a great six-man tag team match featuring the Young Bucks tagging with the Natural Dustin Rhodes taking on The Inner Circle’s Sammy Guevara, Ortiz, and Santana. Important to mention Matt Jackson is back from his small hiatus. This was a great match as noted before. The chemistry these guys have is fantastic. Dustin Rhodes can move and fly for a big man. The Bucks showed why they are two of the best wrestlers today, they are innovation personified. Guevara is a future superstar. A dropkick by Nick Jackson into piledrivers by Dustin and Matt would give the Elite the win.

The next match saw Trent of Best Friends taking on Rey Fenix of Lucha Bros. Fenix is a dynamic athlete, his legs are such a weapon. Trent is a solid worker. A few spots stood out, Fenix leg sweeping Trent causing his head to hit the turnbuckle and Fenix running the tightrope with a kick to Trent. Fenix gets the win with a muscle buster finisher.

Cody is out for an interview with Schiavone. Cody wants a match with MJF. Calls him a bush-league NWO version of Chris Jericho. He cut an intense promo on MJF. I thought it was great and believable. It only makes this situation between Cody and MJF even more personal.

Joey Janela being interviewed by Alex Marvez. Janela was intense and wants to make a name for himself. He says the lights are on, and nobody’s home. Then Jon Moxley confronts Janela. With a funny line and just says, “kids.”

Another Dark Order vignette. More intrigue and mystery.

We get an earlier video of Nyla Rose attacking Shanna at a meet and greet event. Don’t mind this, well done because it can set up an angle or another feud between Rose and Shanna. We get Nyla Rose vs Leva Bates. This was to showcase Rose, she was dominant in this one. Nice spot where we see Peter Avalon and Leva Bates get a double chokeslam by Rose. Rose hits a Beast Bomb and wins easily. After the match Rose gives Bates another beast bomb. We just touched on Shanna. Well, here she comes, to confront Rose. Shanna takes Rose out with a cross-body block off the top rope. After Shanna appears to get her revenge. Rose then catches her and slams her. Rose now has a table in the ring and attacks the referee and Beast Bombs him through the table. Shanna gets beast bombed on top of the ref. Nice action spots, BUT this is what so fascinating to me…The cameras go to Dr. Britt Baker, who has a concerned look on her face. Just like she did at the NXT Event. Taking a nice shot at NXT.

Le Champion of AEW Chris Jericho is out with Jake Hager of course. Jericho knocks the losers in Champaign. Cracks on the brass of AEW, that he has to have one more match in 2019. But he has the option to pick his opponent. Instead of the List of Jericho, he has a Lexicon of Le Champion. Jurassic Express comes out, to everyone’s surprise. Luchasaurus, Marko stunt, and Jungle Boy confront Jericho and Hager. We hear Luchasaurus speak, he has a master’s degree, Jericho says Stunt is small for any age, and how Jungle Boy is Hollywood’s golden boy. Jungle Boy knows he can take Jericho. They brawl and Jurassic Express clear the ring. It would be easy not to like how this went and ended but Jungle Boy and Jericho will be the match we get out of this and that will be fun.

Next, we get a very solid women’s match Kris Stadtlander vs Hikaru Shida. Stadtlander is an imposing and talented wrestler. Shida with her kicking strikes was sharp and on target. But in the end, an upset as Statlander wins the match. Cradle tombstone nice finisher for the win. Lights go out and it’s Awesome Kong with Brandi Rhodes. Brandi says people love what they can’t understand. They are the Nightmare Collective. They wanted to give Statlander an opportunity to join them. But before this, we get a planted fan who wants to pledge to them. She does and she cuts her hair. A weird and dark part of the show but adds to these characters

Next, we get another fantastic match as Christopher Daniels took on Pentagon Jr. Before the bell, Daniels comes off the top and hits Pentagon jr. on the ramp. Daniels gets back body dropped on the ramp and then botched a moonsault. Daniels took a nasty bump with his back hitting the ramp on the botch. He lost his footing on the ropes. Angel wings move by Daniels. Nasty double stomp from the top rope by Pentagon Jr. low blow and a package pile driver wins the match for Pentagon Jr. Fenix celebrates with Pentagon Jr. afterward.

Now we get a quick video of the Bunny with Blade and the Butcher. Bunny says we are sick of seeing Cody Rhodes. A good way to introduce them even more to the audience. We will find out later they are hired guns by MJF to take out Cody.

Now we get to our Main Event. Joey Janela vs. Jon Moxley. This may shock people. This started out with matt technique and wrestling holds to kick it off. Don’t worry that didn’t last long but we did have a lot of energetic offense from both Moxley and Janela. Janela hits a nasty DDT on Moxley on the ramp. This was a nice spot, the camera sold it well. The way it shot this part of the match that went to the outside. You first see Moxley near a table, all of sudden Janela comes out of nowhere off the top rope and lands on Moxley through the table. Moxley gets a Paradigm Shift on Janela on the top turnbuckle. Another Paradigm Shift by Moxley in the ring and Moxley wins a really good match.

If you remember last week’s show. Moxley came out in the crowd to confront Jericho. This time it was Jericho doing it to Moxley with the Inner Circle by his side.

This was a very good show by AEW. To me, a much-improved show from top to bottom from last week. The show flowed the whole time. Every vignette had a purpose and every match was solid.

NXT Results & Review

NXT was fantastic again. Every week this brand brings it. Compelling stories, building new stars, and great in-ring action is what makes NXT great. This show would have all of that and more. The next two weeks of NXT are going to be off the hook. Next week we will have a triple threat match to determine the number one contender to Adam Cole’s title. That match between Cole and the winner will take place on December 18th. Also on the 18th, we will get Shayna Baszler defending her title against Rhea Ripley. It looks like we are in for a couple of great shows over the next month.

NXT kicks off with Mauro on commentary. Thank God Mauro is back. He is needed. He makes the show that much better with his excitement and enthusiasm. 

Killian Dain would storm the ring and demand an opponent. That challenge would be answered by Pete Dunne. Dunne and Dain had a hard-hitting battle to start the show. The match was back and forth the whole time however this time we saw Dain get the better of Dunne and get the victory via pinfall. The end came when Dunne had Dain in a sleeper and Dain climbed the ropes and fell backward onto Dunne for the 1-2-3.

A quick backstage interview with Dakota Kai calling Mia Yim a hood rat.

Undisputed Era would be out next. These guys are so over with the Full Sail crowd. They would do their usual schtick. KOR is so damn funny and it’s great to see Roderick Strong looking so strong as of late. Bobby Fish was noticeably absent from the show still nursing his injury. Adam Cole would talk about Keith Lee prompting Lee to come out. Lee is so over right now it’s insane. He is going to be a moneymaker for NXT. Lee eventually scraps with UE. Ciampa would come out and make the save for his partner at War Games. We would find out we will get a six-man tag main event between UE, Lee, and Ciampa…but this time we know their partner and it will be Dijakovic.  

Shayna Baszler would battle Xia Lee next. This was a good match. Li has gotten so much better in her time with NXT she is really coming into her own as a character. This match went as expected and Shayna would get the win. 

The Forgotten Sons would beat two members of the Evolve roster, Alanis and Ruff. Pretty quick squash match to keep the Forgotten Sons relevant. I said it last week this team needs to be called up to Raw. They are perfect opponents for the Viking Raider Warriors. 

Dakota Kai would come out next. Mia Yim would follow. They would beat the holy hell out of each other and land some stiff kicks. Rhea Ripley happened to be out there as well. Shayna and crew would come down to the ring and attack Rhea. Unlike other times they were successful in beating her down. Shayna then announces the two will square off in two weeks for the gold. 

Kassius Ohno is back in an NXT ring. Like Dain earlier he calls out the locker room. Like Dain earlier a long-time rival of Ohno’s answers. Matt Riddle comes to the ring and we get another hard-hitting contest between these two. Ohno transitioned Riddle into NXT with some great matches last year. This match would be no different then the others and Riddle would get the win and now is 4-0 against Ohno. Just a great match. 

Kushida was out next. In a vignette earlier it showed Kushida with his wife and kid. Showing a different side of Kushida and giving him a character. That is good to see. Raul Mendoza was out to face him but was attacked by Cameron Grimes from behind. Grimes would challenge Kushida and we have a match. Really good fast-paced match. Kushida would get the win but I think we will get more of these guys in the future and that excites me. I’d personally like to see Kushida, Grimes, Angel Garza, and Lio Rush get down for the Cruiserweight title. That would be more than fun. 

This would transition us to our main event. The Undisputed Era took on Lee, Ciampa, and Dijakovic. Just like every other match this match was hard-hitting and fast-paced. These six men have unbelievable chemistry. The match was pure chaos. Out of nowhere, Finn Balor would show up. He would hit Cole with his shotgun dropkick and follow up with 1916 taking out Ciampa. As Balor went to inflict more damage he was thwarted by Lee in what is an amazing GIF. Lee takes out Balor. It looks as if Cole is going to get the upper hand on Lee but Lee hit Cole with a HUGE Jackhammer for the 1-2-3. After the match William Regal would come out and announce a triple threat match next week between Balor, Ciampa, and Lee with the winner taking on Cole on the 18th of December.

NXT was fantastic tonight. It continued to build storylines and superstars. Next week should be great and we should have more clarity around the title picture. 

Next week’s show is already shaping up to be a good one. Lio Rush vs Angel Garza for the purple strap. Ciampa vs Balor vs Lee for the number one contender. Dakota Kai vs Mia Yim.

Again, this week’s ratings were decided by only 6,000 households with AEW getting the slight edge. What a time to be a wrestling fan.