Wednesday Night Wars- NXT and AEW set to do Battle this Fall

Wednesday Night Wars

The WWE made the next move in their “war” with AEW as NXT moves from the WWE Network to the USA Network at 8 ET starting on Wednesday, September 18th. Previously, AEW had announced their new primetime show on TNT will air at 8 ET starting on Wednesdays in October.

Vince McMahon has always been competitive, and there is a strategy here with NXT  being on the same night as AEW. Now again, NXT will start in September with their move, while AEW starts in October. This is going to make things interesting for sure.

You will have options that night. If your a wrestling fan, or even for viewers who don’t watch wrestling, this could be a way to bring them in or bring back the lapsed fans.

There are always going to be differing points of view or takes from fans on a situation. Some can say NXT’s move to primetime had nothing to do with AEW. However, AEW is new and fresh, and fans have only seen it, on Pay-Per-Views! Now they have their platform on TNT. They get to showcase their roster, their brand, and their style of wrestling. However, you can say the same about NXT. There are plenty of people who haven’t seen NXT programming yet. 

The Khan’s, Cody Rhodes, and the Young Bucks wanted to provide a different type of wrestling, an alternative to the WWE narrative. They wanted something different. That plan may backfire on them, as the alternative to WWE programming previously had been NXT, and now NXT is on National broadcasting, as direct opposition. 

It’s possible both brands, just want to focus on themselves and not pay attention to the other one, but again we all know that isn’t the case. Vince McMahon wants to squash all the competition around him. He has been doing it since the ’80s. 

Both NXT and AEW have tremendous talent and depth on their respective rosters. It is such an exciting time to be a wrestling fan. I’m happy for both, NXT getting to showcase on USA and AEW with TNT. Competition is healthy for the wrestling business. It’s fun to have these theories as a fan.

Wednesday Nights, whether we can actually call it, “war” or not are going to be interesting to watch, to say the least. 

I personally think it’s a win for us all. As fans, and for the wrestlers and both companies.