Week 13 NFL Power 10 Power Rankings

Week 13 NFL Power 10 Power Rankings

1.) Baltimore Ravens- What’s impressive about the Baltimore Ravens is that Lamar Jackson’s a southpaw.

2.) San Francisco 49ers- With this defensive line and play-calling, Mitch Trubisky could lead this team to Super Bowl glory.

3.) New Orleans Saints- New Orleans escapes an inter-division upset thanks to some faulty Carolina kicking. This game shows how important Marshon Lattimore is to, not only the defense but the entire team.

4.) Seattle Seahawks- If both Philadelphia & Seattle were at 100% this would have been a far more exciting game to watch.

5.) New England Patriots- New England’s special teams is the difference once again in conditions so wet, Julian Edelman accidentally made another baby.

6.) Green Bay Packers- In Green Bay’s first true possible playoff preview, they failed miserably. Just showing how important home-field advantage is to them if they want any chance at going to Miami.

7.) Houston Texans- A solid win against Indy puts them squarely in the driver’s seat of the AFC South. Yee-Haw!

8.) Kansas City Chiefs- The field & weather conditions appeared to have hurt the Chargers more than Kansas City.

9.) Minnesota Vikings- A BYE week and a Green Bay loss to the #1 team in the NFC may have helped the Vikings gain a 1/2 game in the standings, but it does nothing for them in my top 10.

10.) Dallas Cowboys– Questionable coaching may have contributed to Dallas not being able to overcome a one TD deficit late in the game. Not by Jason Garrett, by Bill Belichick.