Week 15 NFL Playoff Picture and Season End Award Predictions

Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

Week 14 NFL Review and Wrap

Bills 17 (9-4) V. Ravens 24 (11-2)

A game like this late in the year is exactly what we needed. We needed to see Action Jackson find a way to win a game even when his whole team didn’t look like it was firing on all cylinders. The Ravens rushing attack just barely topped 100 rushing yards after averaging 200 coming into the game. But all that matters is they made the plays when it counted and Jackson was able to add 3 more TDs to his MVP resume {which we’ll get to later} and his defense aided him to get a win in a hostile environment.

The Bills are proving to the world they are amongst the AFC’s finest defensively. The effort was there against Jackson. I think they did a good job containing Lamar and making the Ravens find other ways to beat them. Offensively however the Ravens exposed this Bills team. Sacking Josh Allen 6 times and hitting him 12 times, forcing a fumble and turning it into six. The Bills were aided in their comeback attempt with some questionable penalties that ultimately fell short but this was a fun one.

Texans 24 (8-5) V. Broncos 38 (5-8)

Shocker of the afternoon. Drew Lock and the Broncos went to Houston and demolished the division-leading Texans. Billy O took the blame and admitted to not having his team prepared to play. I’m going to call malarkey on that one. Billy O and company did not take this Denver team seriously and they should have because now……

Titans 42 (8-5) V. Raiders 21 (6-7)

The Texans have some company at the top of the AFC South with the Titans convincing win over Oakland. There is now a 2-way tie for the division lead. The winner of the division is going to come down to the two games these teams have left against one another. Don’t be surprised if the Titans and Texans are the SNF Week 17 game in a winner takes all match.

49ers 48 (11-2)V. Saints 46 (10-3)

The 49ers regained control of the NFC West last night with a thrilling win over the Saints. In a game that resembled a Big 12 college football matchup. There were nine combined passing TDs and we would see the lead change hands back and forth (literally no defense to be found anywhere). It’s fitting we would see Mr. All Pro himself George Kittle banged up and all make the huge play at the end to put the Niners in a position to win.

Seahawks 12 (10-3) V. Rams 28 (8-5)

A Sunday full of surprises. This game right here determined the MVP winner. Lamar Jackson now will win the MVP award based on this game. Jared Goff and the Rams came to play and show everyone they are who we thought they were. The defending NFC Champions looked every bit of it last night with their effort even overcoming the Goff turnovers. It was refreshing to see this from the Rams. The next three weeks of the NFL season are must watch. If the Rams win out they have a chance to get in.

NFC Playoff Picture:

1.) San Francisco 49ers (11-2)- The 9ers are a lock to make the playoffs but with games against the Rams and Seahawks on the horizon, we won’t crown them just yet.

2.) Green Bay Packers (10-3)- Green Bay will likely stay put as the 2 seed. They close out the rest of the way against divisional opponents that they’ve already beat.

3.) New Orleans Saints (10-3)– The Saints the only team to have already locked up their division. They have games against Indy and Carolina left and should coast to finish the season. Barring a Green Bay stumble the Saints should be a lock for the 3 seed.

4.) Dallas Cowboys (6-7)/Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)- Someone has got to win this division right… I wish the answer could be no because it’s disrespectful to a team like Seattle or San Francisco that will be forced to travel to Dallas or Philly to play the poorest division winner. The Eagles are in the driver seat right now but neither team wants to win the division.

5.) Seattle Seahawks (10-3)-Seattle couldn’t clinch their spot last night due to a loss but they will be able to secure their position over the next 2 games against Carolina and Arizona and going to Dallas actually doesn’t seem bad.

6.) Minnesota Vikings (9-4)- The weakest link of the bunch is about to be exposed with games against the spoiler Chargers and the rejuvenated Bears. They also have the division-leading Packers. I think the stage is being set for………….

NFC: In the hunt

Rams (8-5)– The defending NFC Champions are going to find a way to sneak into the playoffs. The Rams are hot right now and I believe they will win out the rest of the way. As long as they bring the same energy they had last night, with games against Dallas (W), San Francisco (W), and the hapless Arizona Cardinals(W). I think they are going to win out and sneak in. When this happens the Rams/Saints wild card matchup will provide all the fireworks we need.

AFC Playoff Picture:

1.) Baltimore Ravens (11-2)- The Ravens clinched their spot with their win against Buffalo. Look for them to lock up the division against the Jets and clinch home field against the Browns.

2.) New England Patriots (10-3)– This is the worst 10 win Patriots team we’ve ever seen. Yesterday was another example of how the Patriots of all teams can’t find a way to beat a division leader who they are going to play again in a few short weeks. It’s a good thing the Patriots are on to Cincinnati because I’d be worried if the playoffs started today and I was them. Tom Brady has absolutely nobody to throw to. Is it too late to bring Gronk back?

3.) Kansas City Chiefs (9-5)– Locked up the AFC West with their win yesterday against New England and it’s looking like the 3 is the best they’ll be able to do.

4.)Houston Texans (8-5)/Tennessee Titans (8-5)-At this point in the season both of these teams need to be thinking about how they can secure a home playoff game. The Texans have been a roller coaster all season and their outings against the Ravens and Broncos have everyone second-guessing how good they really are. The Titans, however, are surging since Ryan Tannehill has taken over the starting job, the Titans are 6-1 and have every ingredient needed to scare teams in the playoffs.

5.)Buffalo Bills (9-4)- Tough loss yesterday but they did keep things close, but a loss like this late in the season will either propel your team or drag your team into the Abyss. It’ll be nice to see how this team responds Sunday Night in…….

6.)Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5)- No matter how this team finishes the season whether they make the playoffs or not there is no denying that Mike Tomlin has done his best coaching and should be COTY. The playoff chase isn’t going to be easy with Buffalo and Baltimore coming to town but if they pull it off and sneak in there’s no doubting our Mike Tomlin prediction.

AFC: In the hunt

Houston Texans (8-5)- In the stranger of scenarios, it’s possible the Texans can still make the playoffs through the sixth seed with some help.  But the best way for them to get in is by winning the division.

Tennessee Titans (8-5)– See Above.

End of the Year Honors:

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Josh Jacobs

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Nick Bosa

Offensive Player of the Year: Russell Wilson. Can’t win the MVP award but here’s a consolation prize.

Defensive Player of the Year: Shaq Barrett has been an unstoppable force getting after quarterbacks this year.

Comeback Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers or Ryan Tannehill. I don’t think either would be bad picks at this point.

Assistant Coach of the Year: Joe Judge New England’s special team’s coach. Other than the defense this special teams unit can be attributed to a lot of the success the Patriots have had this year. That is undisputed.

Coach of the Year: Mike Tomlin, Kyle Shanahan, John Harbaugh, Mike Vrabel. This list is composed of two categories: Success and Adversity. These four men I’ve highlighted have had to face that this year and only one can win the award. However, these are 4 of the best this season considering where they have their team positioned now. Right now I have Tomlin as COTY followed by Shanahan.

Most Valuable Player: Lamar Jackson

Throw all the comparisons to Michael Vick out the window. The quarterback position in the NFL is going to hit a paradigm shift because of Lamar Jackson. His running ability makes him more dangerous but believe it or not I’m more terrified of what Lamar will do to me with his arm. This Ravens team very well could be winning the Super Bowl in a few weeks. Which is exactly what Lamar promised them the night he was drafted with the 32nd overall pick.