Week 8 NFL Power Rankings-& NFL Power 10

NFL Power 10-Alan Giovacchini

1.) New England Patriots: New England escaped a valiant effort by Adam Gase and the Jets. Josh Gordon’s injury helps the Pats.

2.) New Orleans Saints: A very nice road win without Brees AND Kamara this time around against what is now a defunct Bears defense. Nice? Yes. Impressive?? I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

3.) San Francisco 49ers: Not even mother nature can stop the gold rush. San Francisco rolls along through the NFC back window as the rest of the teams are busy blocking the door.

4.) Green Bay Packers: At 6-1, the Packers continue to lead the crazy NFC North. Aaron Rodgers had a monster day against the Raiders.

5.) Houston Texans: The Texans now find themselves in a battle for what once seemed an easy divisional title to attain. They do have a slightly easier schedule and have some head-to-head tiebreakers in their back pocket. They might those come January.

6.) Kansas City Chiefs: Mahomes is sidelined and will be back in time for the playoffs. If anyone can motivate Matt Moore to keep the Kansas City ship afloat, it’s Andy Reid.

7.) Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens go on the road and pull out a great win with a dominating second half performance.With the Steelers still struggling to find their identity and the Browns and Bengals too busy having a pillow fight over who would beat Ohio State in the OHIO BOWL. The Ravens are clear cut frontrunners to win the AFC North.

8.) Los Angeles Rams: The addition of Jalen Ramsey should change all of the Rams’ opponents’ methodology towards approaching their passing game. That could be just what the Rams need to re-ignite the joy in their souls.

9.) Seattle Seahawks: Every good team suffers a setback and this was that week for Seattle. Dissly’s injury looks like it will affect the Seahawks more than expected and DK Metcalf will have to step up his route running to keep Seattle on pace. Either that or give growth hormones to Luke Wilson.

10.) Indianapolis Colts: With the O-line and D-line getting back to their 2018 form, the Colts are looking like the playoff contender that the naysayers said they couldn’t be after Luck’s retirement.

Week 8 NFL Power Rankings-Drew Trammell

1Patriots 7-0Browns
2Saints 6-1Cardinals
4Packers 6-1Chiefs
8Bills 5-1Eagles
9Texans 4-3Raiders
10Vikings 5-2Redskins
11Seahawks 5-2Falcons
12Rams 4-3Bengals
13Cowboys 4-3Bye
14Panthers 4-349ers
15Lions 2-3-1Giants
16Raiders 3-3Texans
17Titans 3-4Buccaneers
18Jaguars 3-4Jets
19Bears 3-3Chargers
20Buccaneers 2-4Titans
21Eagles 2-4Bills
22Cardinals 3-3-1Saints
23Broncos 2-4Colts
24Chargers 2-5Bears
25Browns 2-4Patriots
26Steelers 2-4Dolphins
27Giants 2-5Lions
28Jets 1-5Jaguars
29Falcons 1-5Seahawks
30Redskins 1-6Vikings
31Bengals 0-7 Rams
32Dolphins 0-6Steelers