What We Know About Gol D Rogers

What We Know About Gol D Rogers

One Piece

Written by Jerred “Jack” Fournier

The story of One Piece is just as much a story of the legacy of Gol D Rogers as it is about Luffy. Arguably Luffy is the legacy of Rogers as he has been called a possible successor of his will. Might even be the next Pirate King and surpass the previous holder of that title.

When first talked about, we assumed that he was only rivaled by Monkey D Garp (a Marine and grandfather to Luffy) and Whitebeard. Several details have risen to suggest that Rogers may have been much more powerful than we suspected. His first and greatest rival was a recently mentioned Xebec D Rocks. The captain of the Rocks pirate.

To understand how dangerous Rocks was is to understand that his crew had three future Yonko’s in it. Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kiedo, two of whom have just stomped on Luffy. Our main character not even harming his enemies. Although Luffy has gone through some training that may turn that around.

The second detail that needs to be mentioned is that it forced the Marines to make an alliance with Rogers. It was Garp who was their representative, who regularly flaunts the rules, but had also been the marine most often hunting the future Pirate King. Rocks knew something and the power to exploit it, that threatened the whole world. Even intending to set out and conquer the world.

The God Valley Incident, as it was later called, was expunged from the history books. Even the place where it took place, no longer existed on maps. All we now know is that is the event that made Garp a legend, not his fights with Rogers. As of this writing, we know nothing else about this epic fight.

Gol D Rogers went several more years before he got to Laugh Tale (originally called Raftale). He went to the near end of the Grand Line but knew something was amiss. That there was more beyond it. Knowing his limitations of knowledge and skills, he sought out someone who could read the poneglyphs. The ancient writings of a forgotten civilization.

To achieve this goal he confronted Whitebeard. Defeating a legendary samurai, Oden, instantly to get to his favored rival. After a three day fight, he called a stop to the fight so they could exchange food and drinks. Worth noting although they were called rivals, they were friends who pushed each other to greater levels of strength.

It was Oden himself that was the target of the visit. His family had been the one to invent the language. As such the ability to read it had been passed on down the family line. This made him possibly the only person alive who could read the ancient stones. Which was required to reach the end of the Grand Line.

Oden was ‘put on loan’ to Rogers for one year. During that time Rogers made the trip from his home town at the beginning of the Grand Line all the way to the end. All along reading as many Ponegraphs as they could. From the ones in Skypiea, to the apology from Joyboy. All along looking for the special red ones that were known as Road Ponegraphs.

He had acquired two from Big Mom before setting out. Getting another from Zoa he had gotten all the ones we have seen from Luffy’s journey. After finding the missing last one, he was able to make the X made of X’s. Using that information he reached the missing island. Even naming Laugh Tale.

The reason is because of what was found on the island. The overwhelming emotion the crew developed when finding the island was laughter, and the tale of their journey was about finding it. So the name became Laughtale. 

Worth noting that Buggy and Shanks were not on this part of the journey. Left behind due to them getting sick enough that it would have been deadly for them to continue. Though we see a scene reminiscent of the scene that started Luffy’s path to be a Pirate King.

Rogers holding a crying Shanks, as he passes a message onto him. That their endeavors and accomplishments will be surpassed by someone with the D initial. This, of course, must have been crushing to know that you will not be able to succeed the man who was a father figure.

In the end. Gol D Rogers was an impossible man. His strength immeasurable and his charisma unexplainable. Able to fight the strongest fighters in the world and even described as able to fight armies if the mood struck him. His personality allowed him to make friends with almost everyone he met. Even people who may have set out to kill him.

It goes on to say his story mirrors the story we are seeing of Luffy. What will come of the multi-decade story is up in the air. I for one cannot wait to see what happens.