Where. In The World. Is A.J. Green CINCINNATI?

AJ Green is 31 and will be a free agent next year. He is in desperate need of a new team if he wants to retire with a ring on his finger. Although he’s been sidelined this season so far with a leg injury it shouldn’t affect the desire of a contender to trade for him. Even if in the second half of his career AJ Green is still playing like the fourth overall pick they drafted him to be, to re-sign him to big money is ludicrous and a mistake. The Bengals have far too many glaring needs to spend that money on. But then again they are the Bengals.

Contenders to land A.J. Green

Green Bay Packers: If the Packers want ANY chance of winning another Super Bowl before Aaron Rodgers is taken out for a drive to the farm, they need to give him strong bullets for his rifle. Right now he’s shooting blanks which is something he’s only used to doing on Saturday nights. If Davante Adams can stay healthy his deep route ability will help spread the field for A.J. Green to get lots of midfield targets.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens weren’t expecting to find themselves in a position like this. All signs pointed to Baltimore investing another year in developing Lamar Jackson but with Ben Rothlisberger injured, Cleveland underperforming, and Cincinnati not surprisingly in the last place, Baltimore has an opportune time to strike when the iron’s hot.

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts have proven that their young defense and offensive line are good enough to carry a Luck-less team. TY Hilton is having a pro-bowl year and adding Green would make a wonderful tag team for Jacoby Brissett to get the ball to. It would also give Marlon Mack more room to improve on his 4.3 Y/A. Eric Ebron’s performance is obviously struggling without Luck and to be honest with you until last week I thought Jack Doyle had retired and gone in on a used car dealership with Devin Funchess.

Oakland Raiders: It’s no secret that the Raiders want a big-time wide receiver. One to help move along Jon Gruden‘s banana/spider schemes. The seasons that Waller and Jacobs are having would justify Los Vegkland making this move, but will only if they could sign Green to a guaranteed extension.