Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn

Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn

If you are someone who only ever has seen the movies and maybe seen some side content it could be forgiven that you don’t know who Thrawn is. He, without question, is one of the most dangerous characters and no force users in the series. Having many accolades to his name, even Darth Vader respected this Alien.

The first hint that he shouldn’t be trifled with is his rank. Grand Admirals were rank-wise he was just below Vader and the Emperor. This itself should be a testament on its own, but when you take into account him being alien it becomes a louder one. Palpatine had a history of being Xenophobic. Even beyond his hatred of aliens, he was able to see beyond that, to recognize his abilities.

His real and full name is Mitth’Raw’Nuruodo and is a Chiss. A humanoid blue skin, red-eyed humanlike race. Their eyes are supposed developed for seeing in the dark better and their skin is from their colder environment. Their culture has a habit of adopting a shortened name when they leave home. In his case, it is the middle six letters spelling ‘Thrawn’.

Some of his exploits have been put in a random void based on the canon/non-canon of Disney. In other words, some of his stories are still in the legends universe, not the current story. I will be talking about his exploits in both as they paint a picture of how amazing he is as a character. I will also add the book series that first created this character.

During his first introduction, he was shown being able to predict almost action his opponent would perform. Even forcing a whole planet to surrender with a single shot from Star Destroyer. He claimed to be able to do this by observing their artwork which would give him a form of insight into their psychology.

If Darth Vader was a hammer, Thrawn as very much a scalpel. He didn’t like applying brute force to solve an issue. Instead doing most of his actions with finesse, and playing psychology games with his opponents. The difference being the most profound with the way he handled that failure from his subordinates. If they ‘just followed the textbook’ to solve a problem and failed, he would have them killed. If they showed a creative spark or thoughtfulness, he would promote them.

These traits going all the way back to his first encounter with the Emperor. He had been ordered to attack a planet using a specific method with a set of forces. The Chiss responded with ‘no’. Before he could explain why he was hauled away set away for execution. When his replacement failed, his guards had discovered that he had predicted the exact way the fight would go. From that point on the Emperor listened when he said no.

Another thing that set him apart from the rest of his colleagues was the dislike for ‘Superweapons’. Other Grand Admirals used a Super Star Destroyer (Think Darth Vader’s ship) and the Death Star as different weapons that the upper echelon liked. Thrawn felt weapons like that were a waste of resources and could be replaced with proper planning.

Originally the reason he was not in the movies is that he was sent out to the Unknown Region of space. Which incidentally is also where he is from. The Emperor hoped with his abilities and his understanding of the area he would better be able to survive. So that he may eventually bring them under the power of the Empire.

When he returned the second Death Star had been destroyed and the New Republic already set up. He immediately took charge of the surviving forces and nearly defeated the much larger forces of the Republic. Even being able to blockade the whole of Coruscant, the capital of the new Republic, with no ships.

Without spoiling everything he has done and will continue to do so, I will leave the explanation of this man here. He has made Disney’s approved canon list. Making his first appearance in Star Wars Rebels. Making him the first Expanded Universe character to survive the Mouse.

The first book in the series, which is usually called the Thrawn Trilogy, is Heir to the Empire.