Who’s Being Booked For Saudi Arabia? Nobody Knows…Even WWE.

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For the second time this year in its morally questionable business decision, WWE will be returning to Saudi Arabia for the second time this year for their Crown Jewel event on October 31st.

Set to air at 1pm EST, the pay-per-view will likely run the usual three hours, but there’s always that fear it could run longer. WWE is on the hook with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and the Royal Family for the next 8 years, and if MBS wants a longer pay-per-view, MBS will probably get a longer pay-per-view.

Currently there is only one match booked for the show at this point, the ten-man tag match between Team Flair and Team Hogan. A tag-team match that is still missing six members. However, there is talk of Cain Velasquez vs. Brock Lesnar, as well as Tyson Fury vs. Braun Strowman.

WWE will be holding a press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada this Friday, and one, if not both, of those matches could be announced then.

Fightful Select is reporting that WWE has not told several members of the roster whether or not they will be needed for the show later this month.

There are several people we’ve spoken to who still aren’t sure if they’re even supposed to make the trip over to Saudi Arabia in three weeks.

It’s possible that WWE is keeping everything private because they want to keep the backlash of the show to a minimum, but it could be because they haven’t finalized the card yet. With Smackdown debuting on FOX and that dumpster fire of a Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, WWE hasn’t had a lot of time building matches for Crown Jewel.

A popular rumor making its rounds is that Adam Copeland (AKA: Edge) could be making an in-ring return after he came down to the ring to spear Elias at Summerslam, and with MBS and the Royal Family’s affinity for the days of old with NWA and WWF, there is a possibility that Edge’s return could happen at Crown Jewel.

“To be perfectly honest, I think I could do a match tomorrow. I might be blown up but I’d be okay. It’s just from what I know with the WWE medical staff, they won’t allow. It is what it is, right?”

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