Why Obi Wan Is Luke’s Father


There are not many reasons I could convince people to rewatch the prequels to Star Wars, that don’t involve a ransom note. However, rewatching to find out why Obi Wan is Luke’s father is a must. While recently rewatching them myself, (in preparation for the new Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker I realized something I’ve never seen before. Obi Wan and Padme were absolutely dating behind Anakin’s back! After watching all the movies there was one part that I couldn’t figure out. Why was Anakin so mad at Obi Wan? They were brothers, mentors, and teachers, the best of friends, and then the 180 degree turn into mortal enemies. It seemed so out of left field. Unless of course his best friend in the world and the only person he thought he could trust, betrayed him.

Why Obi Wan Is Luke's Father

If you find this hard to believe it’s probably only because you don’t have extra voices helping you reason things out. Allow me. In episode one when Anakin and Padme first meet in Watto’s junkyard she is around high school age and he is 9 years old. It is completely normal for a kid to fall in love with an older “babysitter” type person in your life. What’s also normal is for women to love Ewan Mcgregor. Take away the magic and the mystique, Obi Wan’s a good looking guy. Now add back the magic and mystique, jackpot. How could any queen not be impressed? This is where it began. A fun forbidden relationship that was pushed together through the tragedy of his fallen master Qui Gon Jinn. After which he broke the rule to train Anakin. Seemingly knowing that the man he idolized was a bit of a rebel, I think he could have absolutely started breaking other rules, like the whole “no attachments” ideology. 

Why Obi Wan Is Luke's Father

In Episode II after Padme gets to see Anakin, they have a fun date. They run around laughing until there’s a distress call from Obi Wan. Ani just wants to go back to frolicking but Padme insists on saving Obi Wan. After a fun daring rescue, that would end up leaving Anakin a little embarrassed by the way, he’s bested. Padme realizes that she wants to have a real relationship with someone and can only get that through Obi Wan. At this point, it is almost a love triangle that cannot be resolved. It is not a Jedi’s way to do such things so Padme is keeping it secret from both of them like a Phoebe episode of Friends, but more lasers.

In Episode III Anakin is having terrible visions involving Padme. Including her death. What other kinds of visions could he have had? Maybe her cheating on him with someone, but he can’t tell who. That might be enough to cause someone to choose power over purpose. “If only I was strong enough the woman I loved would love me back.”  There are a number of scenes where Anakin walks in and the two look like they just finished an inside joke. He then realizes it. Obi Wan is the one who stole the light from him, so Anakin found the darkness. His rage builds until it consumes him. He cannot find a way out except to kill everything that tricked him his whole life, the Jedi.

Anakin goes on his rampage only later to be defeated by the man who stole everything. After the duel, Obi Wan rushes back to his love and sees her dying. They rush to a hospital, while Obi Wan is with Padme when she gives birth, her last words are,” There is good in him…I know there is still.” Taking guilt in her part for making Darth Vader she couldn’t continue and passed away. After the newborns are healthy, Obi Wan decides to follow the boy to Tatooine and raise him from afar like a father figure. He helps mold Luke and ultimately sacrifices his life for him because that is what families do for each other. Without question, these two were related. 

This would be very interesting to see if this matters in the sequels because that would mean that Leia is a Kenobi, Kylo Ren is a Kenobi if Rey is a Skywalker that would actually make her a Kenobi. The whole story would actually change to reflect that the 9 episodes reflected on the character, that was in every single one of them, Obi Wan Kenobi.

I’m sure all of this is definitely true and has nothing to do with me not sleeping for three days. If you do have a chance to rewatch the prequels, keep their hidden relationship in mind. It makes the story a lot more compelling.

Now you have a reason to watch them and get ready for the new release of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, your welcome.

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